Hobart FD4/150-208/460 Medium Size Foodwaste Disposer Fast & Economical

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Product information

In a profitable food service operation, there's no space, time, or budget allowance for inefficient food waste handling. The Hobart FD4/150 medium sized disposers can end food waste storage, removal, and clean up fast and economically.

Hobart food-waste disposers allow you to wash your food scraps and leftovers down the drain. It’s a simple, efficient and economical way to dispose of your food waste. The operator merely has to push the food scraps and leftovers down the drain and flip the switch to grind the waste into tiny particles that can easily wash down the drain. Food-waste disposers reduce the amount and weight of your total waste, saving you money on hauling, liners, and labor.

Features and Benefits:

  • MOTORS: Continuous duty rating, equipped with manual reset thermal overload inherent protector. Permanently lubricated ball bearings for upper and lower shelf support. Upper bearing is sealed on both sides.
  • HOUSINGS: Heavy ductile iron upper housing. Ductile gray cast iron lower housing, primed, and powder coated. Four bolts fasten the motor unit to the grind chamber, permit easy removal.
  • LEGS: Tubular stainless steel with flange feet to support housing. Adjustable to 1" in either direction.
  • MOUNTING: All Hobart Disposers, fasten to 7" I.D. (throat opening) cones. A vinyl isolating ring eliminates metal-to-metal contact at the cone mounting, reduces vibration and noise transmission.
  • STATIONARY SHREDDER RING: Abrasian resistant, heated treated cast ductile iron, 1 3⁄8" high, 40 grinding teeth
  • FLYWHEEL: Two hardened ductile iron cutter blocks (fastened to flywheel with loctite) are replaceable, can be indexed for new cutting edges. Hardened cast ductile iron flywheel is 8" diameter.
  • MOTOR SHAFT SEAL: Mechanical face-type seal consists of spring loaded carbon ring insert in chemical resistant neoprene bellows. Mating surfaces are protected from grit or fibers by being recessed into flywheel.
  • DRAIN CONNECTOR: The removable outlet flange is tapped for 2" pipe connection
  • DUAL DIRECTIONAL GRINDING: All Disposers operate in either direction of flywheel rotation. Direction of rotation can be controlled by the operator (to increase life and efficiency of grinding elements — back flywheel free of a “jam”) when installed with Control Groups 5 & 6.


  • Model: FD4/150-208/460
  • Electrical:
    • 1-1/2 H.P.
    • 208-230/460/60/3
  • Height: 27-3/8"
  • Weight: Shipping – Approx. 158 lbs. (does not include accessory group or controls).