Cleveland 24CGA10 SteamCraft Ultra 10 Pressureless Gas Convention Steamer

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Product information

The Cleveland 24CGA10 is a SteamCraft Ultra 10 Two Compartment Floor Model Design Pressureless Convention Steamer. It has cooking capacity for up to ten 12” x 20” x 2 ½” deep cafeteria pans, five for each compartment. The innovative PowerPak gas steam generator has a strong 14 gauge stainless steel construction, is fully insulated, and is rear mounted. The generator cleaning port has easy access on the outside, top of the unit. The instant steam stand-by mode holds the generator at a steaming temperature and allows the unit to start cooking instantly. The coved corner design in the cooking compartment distributes heat evenly and is easy to keep clean. The stainless steel racks are removable. The two-piece compartment door design is “cool to the touch.” The free floating inner door with reversible gasket provides an air tight seal.

  • Standard Features:
    • Cooking Capacity for up to ten 12˝ x 20˝ x 2 1⁄2˝ deep Cafeteria Pans, five each compartment.
    • Innovative PowerPak Gas Steam Generator: Unique 125,000 BTU, 80% efficient Vertical Atmospheric Generator Design, only uses 75M BTU when one compartment is used. Strong 14 Gauge Stainless Steel Construction. Large 7.5 gallon generator reservoir for high speed cooking production. Fully insulated rear mounted steam generator.
    • Easy Access Cleaning Port: Generator Cleaning Port located on the outside, top of the unit.
    • Instant Steam Stand By Mode: Hold generator at a steaming temperature. Allows unit to start cooking instantly.
    • Durable 14 Gauge, 304 Stainless Steel Construction: For compartment door, cavity and steam generator.
    • Two 60 Minute Electro-Mechanical Timers and Switches for manual operation: Audible signal for cooking time completion. (MCS)
    • Main Power On/Off Switch: Automatically fills generator with water, then ignites gas burners via a fully automatic Electronic Spark Ignition (pilotless) to start generator.
    • Exclusive Steam Cooking Distribution System: Exclusive Brass Steam Jets produce a high velocity convection steam without fans. Coved Corner design in cooking compartment distributes heat evenly, and is easy to keep clean. Creased top & bottom enhance drainage. Cold Water Condenser for each compartment maintains a dry steam. Fully insulated cooking compartment for thermal efficiency. Removable Stainless Steel Slide Racks.
    • Automatic Generator Drain: Contains a “Water Jet” Spray Rinse Drain Cleaning Cycle to keep drain clear.
    • Exclusive Automatic Probe for Water Level Control: Separate from the generator for easy access, contains a high velocity rinse cycle to eliminate mineral buildup.
    • Exclusive "Cool to the Touch" Two-Piece Compartment Door Design: Free floating inner door with reversible gasket provides an air tight seal. Stainless Steel Slam/Latch Door Latch mechanism for reliability.
    • Condensate Drip Trough: Provide under lower compartment door to collect condensate.
    • Left Hand Door Hinging: Compartment Doors hinged on the left, controls on the right.
    • NSF Certified 6" Stainless Steel Legs: with adjustable flanged feet for a one inch level adjustment.
  • Model Features:
    • Dimension: 24" W x 33" D x 65.5" H
    • Volts: 120
    • Watts: 200
    • Amps: 2.0
    • Gross Weight: 565 lbs
    • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty