Champion DH-6000-VHR High Temp Dishwashing Machine with Ventless Heat Recovery

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Product information

This Champion DH-6000-VHR Doortype Genesis Dishwasher is easy to use, Energy Star qualified, and NSF listed as both a dishwasher and potwasher. This gives it the flexibility needed to meet a variety of dish-washing and sanitizing needs. It has an automatic start-up once the hood is closed, an automatic tank fill, an automatic drain valve, and a self-draining pump. It can be field converted from straight to corner operations and its upper and lower spray arms are interchangeable. This DH-6000-VHR has a sloped hood to keep warm vapors from reaching operators and it uses a mounted pressure reducing valve to ensure a safe operation. It reaches up to 180°F during its final rinse cycle and can be set for standard or heavy-duty wash cycles.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ventless heat recovery system
  • Factory authorized startup
  • HMI - Operator touch screen interface
  • On board service diagnostics
  • Field convertible- single to three or three to single phase
  • Sleep mode - all internal heater shut off after 4 hours of being idle
  • Door interlock - locks door closed during the vent fan cycle
  • Built-in booster configured for 70° Rise
  • Field convertible from straight to corner operation
  • Dual NSF listed as both a dishwasher and potwasher
  • Rinse Sentry – ensures 180°F final rinse
  • Auto start – starts unit when hood is closed
  • Single point electrical connection
  • High efficiency 2 HP pump
  • Self draining pump
  • Automatic tank fill
  • Detergent/chemical connections
  • Interchangeable upper and lower spray arm
  • Automatic drain valve – drains wash tank when power is off
  • Vent fan control (with 120 Volt interwiring by others)
  • Bottom mounted digital controls
  • PRV (Mounted Pressure Reducing Valve)
  • Sloped hood keeps hot vapors away from operator
  • Standard and Heavy Duty wash cycles
  • 4 selectable cycles


  • Model: DH-6000-VHR
  • Capacity: (40) Racks/Hr
  • Dimensions: 68" H x 34.13" W x 31.63" D
  • Approximate Weight: 350 lbs.