Blodgett BC-20E Full-Size Roll-In Electric Combi Oven with Manual Controls

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Product information

Durable and easy to clean, this Blodgett BC-20E Roll-in Electric Oven-Steamer Combination has what it takes to meet a variety of baking and cooking demands. Its fully insulated cooking chamber enables it to hold in heat, while its 2-speed fan makes it possible to achieve an even bake. With its different cooking functions consisting of: steam, hot air, combined steam/hot air, cool down, Vario Steam®, and steam on demand, this Blodgett BC-20E can reach temperatures ranging from 150°F to 500°F (66-260°C). It has a motor-driven timer that can be set for 120 minutes or less and a steam regulation and recovery system. Its open vented system condenses steam while draining away by-products of the cooking process. This prevents flavor transfer, allowing your creations to taste as intended and not like your other baking projects.

This Combination Oven-Steamer is also set to semi-automatically delime the steam generator, giving you visual alerts and prompts through a flashing deliming light when it’s ready to be cleaned. It comes with a pressure spray bottle, hose and spray assembly for easy cleaning. Its dual-pane tempered viewing window also has hinges on its inner glass, allowing you easier access inside the oven when cleaning becomes necessary. Its stainless steel top, front, back, and sides also make it super easy to clean and, along with its completely welded stainless steel frame, durable to the demands of an industrial kitchen.

Features and Benefits:

Exterior Construction

  • Stainless steel top, front, sides, and back
  • Stainless steel door, right hand hinge only
  • Dual pane tempered viewing window with hinged inner glass for easy cleaning
  • Condensate drip pan on oven transport cart

Interior Construction

  • Fully welded stainless steel frame
  • Fully insulated cooking chamber
  • Fixed drain bottom center of cavity
  • Easily replaceable oven mounted door gasket


  • Standard control with four function selection switch for steam, hot air, combined steam/hot air, cool down, Vario Steam® and steam on demand feature
  • Solid state rotary dial thermostat - range 150-500°F (66-260°C)
  • Motor driven 120 minute timer shuts down at elapsed time
  • Two speed fan
  • Magnetic door interlock switch shuts off oven when door is opened
  • Electronic Ignition
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Open vented system. Condenses steam and drains away by-products of the cooking process, eliminates flavor transfer
  • Automatic steam regulation
  • Self-contained, self-flushing steam generator separate from cooking compartment for instant steam recovery when switching modes
  • Deliming light flashes when steam generator requires deliming


  • TC14 - 28 steam table pans or 14 bake pans
  • TC20 - 20 steam table pans or 20 bake pans
  • TC10 Prison Cart - 20 steam table pans or 10 bake pans

Standard Features

  • Ten (10) stainless steel wire shelves
  • Internal Semi-Automatic Deliming pump with delivery hose and deliming container
  • Pressure spray bottle
  • Hose and spray assembly for interior cleaning
  • TC14 transport cart (14 shelf positions)
  • Factory installed water pressure regulator and vented drain assembly (2 per section)
  • Start-up inspection service by factory authorized service agent - operational testing and installation inspection
  • One year parts and labor oven warranty



  • Floor space: 47-1/4” D x 52-1/2” W (1200.2 x 1333.5mm)
  • Unit Height: 77-1/4” (162.2mm)

Oven Clearances:

  • From combustible and non-combustible construction
  • Right Side 1” (25.4mm) from equipment; 6” (152.4mm) from wall
  • Rear 6” (152.4mm)
  • Left Side 4” (102mm)
  • Blodgett recommends 12” (305mm) be maintained on the control side for servicing.

Minimum Entry Clearance (per section):

  • Uncrated 47-1/4” (1200.2mm)
  • Crated 49-1/4” (1251mm)

Power Supply

V.A.C Hz KW Phase Amps
208 60 61 3 170
240 60 61 3 147
480 60 61 3 74

Maximum Input

  • Steam 45 kW
  • Hot Air 60 kW
  • Combi 60 kW

Water Supply and Drain

  • Good quality water feed is the responsibility of the owner. Water quality must be within the following general guidelines.
  • TDS: 40-125 ppm
  • Hardness: 35-100 ppm
  • pH: 7.0 - 8.5
  • Silica: <13 ppm
  • Chlorides: <25 ppm
  • Chlorine: <0.2 ppm
  • Chloramine: <0.2 ppm
  • The best defense against poor water quality is a water treatment system designed to meet your water quality conditions. Blodgett offers optional systems from Optipure.
  • Pressure: 40(min)-50(max) PSI
  • Connections: 2” drain connection - max. drain temperature 140°F (60°C); 3/4” garden hose cold water
  • The appliance is to be installed with backflow protection in accordance with federal, state or local codes.

Shipping Information (per section):

  • Approx. weight: BC-20E 1200 lbs. (544 kg); Transport Cart 135 lbs. (61 kg)
  • Crate Size: 61” (1549.4mm) x 49” (1244.6mm) x 79” (2006.6mm)