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Imperial IR-4 Four Burner 24" Gas Restaurant Range - 155,000 BTU


This Imperial IR-4 Gas Restaurant Range is great for flexible cooking operations. If you need to steam, cook, fry, boil, broil, and bake, then this Gas Restaurant Range may be the answer to your kitchen's needs. It has four anti-clogging burners. Each burner uses 7,000 BTU of power an hour. It has a low simmer feature for increased cooking flexibility. Its two rings of flame provide a more even heat across pan surfaces. The burners come with their own standing pilots and they life-off separately for easy cleaning.

This Imperial IR-4 has a standard space saver oven. With a porcelainized 20" W x 26" D x 14" H oven interior, it is easy to clean and provides space to bake a variety of foods. It comes with a single oven rack and a 100% safety pilot. The interior is designed with an exclusive heat deflector to ensure heat is directed toward the food and not the floor of the oven. It has a heavy-duty door hinge for increased durability and ease of use.

This Gas Range has a stainless steel front, sides, background with shelf, landing ledge, and kick plate. This increases its strength and longevity while helping maintain an industrial look in your commercial kitchen.

Features and Benefits:

  • Open Burners
    • PyroCentric™ 32,000 BTU (9 KW) anti-clogging burner with a 7,000 BTU/hr
    • (2 KW) low simmer feature
    • Two rings of flame for even heating
    • Cast iron PyroCentric burners are standard on all IR Series Ranges
    • Burners lift-off and are separate for easy cleaning
    • No gaskets or screws
    • One standing pilot per burner for instant ignition
  • Grates
    • Front grates measure 12" x 11" (305 x 279 mm)
    • Back grates are 12" x 13" (305 x 330 mm)
    • Back grates are sized for positioning large stock pots directly over burner and feature a hot air dam
    • Pots slide easily from section to section and onto landing ledge
    • Grates are cast iron for a long service life
  • Standard Space Saver Oven
    • Linear burner provides even heating throughout the 27,000 BTU/hr (8 KW) oven
    • 100% safety pilot
    • Unique burner baffle distributes heat flow to provide even temperatures throughout the oven cavity
    • Exclusive heat deflector reflects heat into the oven, not the floor
    • Interior is 20" w x 26" d x 14" h (508 w x 660 d x 356 h mm)
    • Porcelainized sides, rear, deck, and door lining for easy cleaning
    • Heavy duty door hinge
    • Stamped inner door liner provides extra strength while optimizing heat retention
    • One chrome oven rack is included
  • Construction
    • (4) open burners
    • Safety pilot
    • Stainless steel front, sides, landing ledge, and kick plate
    • Standard stainless steel backguard with shelf
    • 6" legs
    • Adjustable feet


  • Model: IR-4
  • Total BTU: 155,000
  • Gas Type Must be Specified:
    • LP
    • Natural
    • Must specify elevation if over 2000 ft.
  • Warranty: 1-year limited parts and labor
  • Dimensions: 56.5" H x 24" W x 31.5" D
  • Approximate Weight: 465 lbs.
  • Certifications: NSF, CE, CSA
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