Cleveland 1SCE Countertop 1 Compartment SteamCub Steamer

Cleveland 1SCE Countertop 1 Compartment SteamCub Steamer

Cleveland 24CEM24 2 Compartment Electric Pressureless Convection Steamer


The Cleveland 24CEM24 features Pressureless cooking with forced convection steam, permitting doors to be opened while cooking continues.  Solid State Controls operate water level and safety functions.  Each compartment is equipped with a 60 minute mechanical timer, separate bypass switch for constant steaming and a cold water condenser for superior cooking results.  Instant Steam Standby Mode: Holds generator at steaming temperature. Allows unit to start cooking instantly.  Durable 14 Gauge Stainless Steel Construction: For Compartment Door and Steam Cooking Cavity.  Separate Main Power Switch for “On/Off”.  Exclusive Steam Cooking Distribution System: The exclusive Convection Jets produce a high velocity  convection steam without fans. Coved Corner design in  cooking compartment distributes heat evenly and is easy to keep clean. Creased top & bottom enhance drainage. Cold Water Condenser for each compartment maintains a dry steam. Fully insulated cooking compartment for thermal efficiency. Removable Stainless Steel Slide Racks for easy cleaning.  Exclusive “Cool to the Touch” Compartment Door Design: Free floating inner door with reversible door gasket provides an air tight seal. Stainless Steel Slam/Latch Door Latch  mechanism provides greater reliability. 

The Cleveland 24CEM24 also features Left Hand Door Hinging: Compartment Doors hinged left, controls on the right.  Modular Cabinet Base with Hinged Door.  Electric Steam Generator: Automatic Water Fill on start up.  Automatic Generator Drain at shutdown: Contains a “Water Jet” Spray Rinse Cleaning Cycle to keep drain clear.  Automatic Water Level Control System with Low Water Power Cut-off Circuit.  Steam generator equipped with High Limit Pressure Safety Switch, 15 psi Safety Valve, and Steam Generator Pressure Gauge.  Secondary Low Water Cut-Off, factory installed (CALE)


  • Height:  65.5"
  • Width:  24"
  • Depth:  33"
  • Compartments:  2
  • Capacity:  (3) 12" x 20" x 2-1/2" Pans Per Compartment
  • Controls:  Solid State Controls
  • Timer:  60-Minute Mechanical Timer
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