*Open Box* Hatco 3CS-9 Undersink Hydro-Heater Sanitizing Sink
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*Open Box* Hatco 3CS-9 Undersink Hydro-Heater Sanitizing Sink

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*Open Box* Hatco 3CS-9
*Item is open box, new* American made, this Hatco 3CS-9 Undersink Design Hydro-Heater Sanitizing Sink for 21-25" Sq. Sink Area is ideal for pot, pan, or bar sinks with 3-4 compartments. Its undersink design makes it perfect for areas with limited space and its heating system keeps water consistently within sanitizing temperatures. This Hydro-Heater Sanitizing Sink cuts heat off after water reaches a certain temperature, ensuring that the water doesn't become too warm. Its On/Off Toggle Switch activities heat, while its convenient yellow and red lighting system indicates when the power is on or when the unit needs to be refilled. Shipped ready to install, this Sanitizing Sink Heater has a stainless steel front, powdercoated silver-gray hammertone body, and convenient side drain. Features and Benefits: Undersink design Stainless steel front Powdercoated silver-gray hammertone body Convenient side drain Equipped with an Energy Cut-Off (ECO) for built-in protection against higher-than-normal water temperature Power On/Off toggle switch activates the heater, and a yellow light indicates when power is on A red light is an overtemp indicator pointing out the need to refill unit with water and reset Meets NSF Standard of 180°F (82°C) for dish sanitizing Shipped ready to install with all gaskets and fittings, as well as a five-year limited warranty Made in USA Serial #: 4138819512 Water Quality Requirements Incoming water in excess of 3.0 grains of hardness per gallon (GPG) (.75 grains of hardness per liter) must be treated and softened before being supplied to hot water dispenser(s). Water containing over 3.0 GPG (.75 GPL) will decrease efficiency and reduce the operating life of the unit. Note: Product failure caused by liming or sediment buildup is not covered under warranty. Specifications: Model: 3CS-9 Dimensions (H x W x D): 12.63" x 6.75" x 16.88" Sink Area: 21-25" (533-635 mm) Sq Shipping Weight (including packaging): 27 lbs. (12 kg) ^Wire size is based on THHN wire for branch circuit protection at 0.91 derate factor. Circuit breakers and fused disconnects are to be mounted remote and wired by contractor. Sizes are based on the 2002 NEC table 310-16. Conduit size based on conductors plus ground wire sizing. *Based upon THHN wire rated 90ºC. **Open Delta–standard construction (Amperage higher than Balanced 3-phase).
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