Comstock Castle F3226-30-2.5RB 60

Comstock Castle F3226-30-2.5RB 60" Gas Restaurant Range - Griddle/Charbroiler

Comstock Castle F3226-36B 60

Comstock Castle F3226-36B 60" Gas Restaurant Range - Griddle/Broiler

Comstock Castle F3226-36-1RB 60" Gas Restaurant Range - Griddle/Charbroiler

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This Comstock Castle F3226-36-1RB 60" Gas Restaurant Range with Griddle and Charbroiler is designed to be easy to clean and convenient to use. Its corrosion resistant stainless steel finish, welded with angle iron and aluminized inner framing, makes for a hassle free clean. Its double walled, heavily insulated construction locks in heat, enabling your kitchen to stay cooler. Its temperature thermostat can be adjusted up to 500°F and comes with a 100% safety shut off to prevent overheating.

Automatic standing pilots, brass top burner valves, and pressure regulators help ensure that this F3226-36-1RB keeps operating efficiently. This Gas Range uses 193,000 BTU of power through its cast iron griddle and charbroiler burners, "H" pattern oven burners, and "star" pattern top burners. By using "star" pattern burners, this Restaurant Range has a full 7" flame spread, offering a more efficient heat for large and small pans. Its 36" wide and 3/4" thick griddle plate and 12" charbroiler come with SS splash guards, front grease trough, and large capacity grease catch.

Features and Benefits:

  • (1) 36" wide and 3/4" thick griddle with manual controls
  • (1) 12" char-broiler with iron radiants
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel finish
  • Welded with angle iron and aluminized inner framing
  • Sturdy 6" heavy duty stainless pipe legs with adjustable feet
  • Double wall construction
  • Heavily insulated for cooler operation
  • 500°F Thermostat
  • 100% safety shut off
  • Automatic standing pilots
  • Brass top burner valves
  • Pressure regulators (Factory set)
  • Porcelain and aluminized steel oven linings
  • Cast iron "H" pattern oven burners
  • Special "V" shaped baffle directs heat and air circulation
  • "Star" pattern top burners offer more heat for small and large pots
  • Large 7" flame spread
  • Crumb trays
  • 12" x 12" cast iron top grates
  • Spillover bowl
  • Stainless steel bullnose-rail
  • SS splash guards
  • Front grease trough
  • Large capacity grease catch


  • Model: F3226-36-1RB
  • Total BTU: 193,000
  • Dimensions: 46" H x 60" W x 30.5" D
  • Approximate Weight: 990 lbs
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