You could be tax exempt.

If your business is a charity, reseller, religious, educational, social welfare, or non-profit organization, you are eligible for tax exemption. This applies to any type of equipment you purchase for your organization, including foodservice equipment.

In order to be eligible, however, you must apply for it. has several tax exemption forms that can be filled out. The purpose of the forms is to let businesses know that you are eligible. Without them, it is not provable that you are eligible. We will be required by law to charge the appropriate taxes for your county and state.

The form, once filed and approved by the IRS, can be sent to us via email or fax. When we receive it, we take the taxes off your purchase. If we charged you taxes, we will refund you what was charged. If the form is provided and the equipment ordered via email or over the phone, we send you a custom link that does not include any charges for taxes.

The application process is two-fold. The IRS requires that you register your business to obtain an Employer Identification Number first before applying for exemption (Learn more at "Exempt Organization - Exemption Application"). Most organizations use FORM 1024 to apply, but we recommend you completing your own research to find the appropriate form for your organization.

Tax emption status will be revoked if appropriate forms are not kept up-to-date or resubmitted annually for three consecutive years ("Tax Exempt Organization Search"). It can be reinstated at any time if the IRS’s requirements are met.

Once your tax exemption forms are properly submitted and approved, please let us know you are eligible. We are more than happy to remove taxes from your purchase.

If you have any questions, contact us. We are happy to help in whatever way we can.