G.E.T. Enterprises is the leading manufacturer of creative tabletop solutions. They haven’t limited themselves, however, to creating durable and beautiful melamine dinnerware. They also have established an impressive line of takeout containers.

Depending on your business model, they could be beneficial to use. Here are reasons to invest and how to implement them.

Features to Expect

The Eco-Takeouts® line includes soup, food, side, and sauce containers. These are all reusable, making them stand out from traditional takeout containers. By being reusable, foodservice businesses save on trash bags, labor, and disposables.

Types of Containers

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Disposable containers can be more costly since they are thrown away and constantly require repurchasing. They also take up a tremendous amount of storage. G.E.T. spoke to one customer who rented an entire storage area to hold their disposable containers ("What are Eco-Takeouts® Reusable To-Go Containers & Their Benefits?," 2017). For businesses tempted to do the same, Eco-Takeouts® are considerably more affordable, despite their initial higher price.

With these cost-saving benefits outlined, here are other desirable traits G.E.T.’s line has:

  • Stackable for improved storage organization
  • Recyclable for a fully eco-friendly operation
  • Break-resistant for increased longevity
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleanability
  • Microwave safe for convenient reheating of menu items
  • BPA-free for protecting customers
  • NSF-certified for greater peace of mind

They have been most effective at universities, schools, businesses, and industry ("Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Styrofoam™ Takeout Containers," 2017), but they have also been used at cafés and food trucks.

How to Implement Them

G.E.T. Enterprises recommends being fully committed to reusable takeout containers before beginning. After following several businesses switch from disposable to reusable containers, they’ve noticed foodservice operations that use both are less likely to succeed. So, if you’re considering investing in Eco-Takeouts®, know that using them only will ensure their use.

Another way to promote their use is to advertise them before they are used. Have a countdown, building anticipation for their implementations. Part of this includes educating customers on how it benefits them, promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle, helps the planet, and how to use them. By understanding the reasons in advance, customers are more likely to support it without resistance.

Take, Fill, and Return

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G.E.T. Enterprises suggests having customers initially pay to use the containers. After the initial purchase, customers can simply exchange them for clean ones each time they purchase another meal. If the container comes back damaged, dirty, or cracked, customers, should be charged an additional fee. Similarly, if the customer loses them or wishes to purchase them for their private use, charge them to promote accountability. In most instances, this need only happens once for customers to return their reusable containers responsibly ("The Best Way to Implement Eco-Takeouts® Reusable Food Containers," 2017.

The key, of course, is education. Let customers know these costs before their initial purpose. We want them to be fully aware when supporting the environmentally-conscious commitment.

(Image via G.E.T. Enterprises)

There are many reasons to choose to use this method of takeout. It may be out of a passion for sustainability, to promote your brand to environmentally-, health-oriented customers, or to meet local government regulations. Whatever you’re reasoning for investigating this avenue of takeout, we hope the above information has been helpful.

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