Fry warmers, or fry dump stations, are essential for concession, fast food, and upscale establishments. They keep food tasting fresh and crisp for longer and ensure items remain at safe temperatures until served. They are ideal for fried foods such as French fries, tater tots, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, and chicken tenders.

When shopping for a fry warmer, you have several options. In this post, we discuss some of their unique features and accessories to help you decide which is best for your business.

1) How They Work

All fry dump stations work similarly. Their purpose is to maintain warm temperatures and keep air circulating so items stay crisp and fresh. To do this, they will either have a heating lamp above a food pan or heating elements located directly below the food pan. With heat lamps, the heat is designed to travel down and directly touch the food. Those with heating elements below the food pan are engineered so that heat travels up, through the pan, and onto the food.

The benefit of purchasing either is that they allow you to take foods out of the fryer. This frees up space so that your kitchen staff can prepare food items while keeping customers’ favorites hot and ready to serve.

2) Available Options

When choosing a fry warmer, there are two basic considerations: style and size. You have three styles to choose from - countertop, floor, or combination units.

Countertop dump stations have a single tier and have a small footprint. They can easily be stored atop a counter or placed conveniently anywhere you have space that’s near an outlet. They offer the most flexibility. You can purchase them in with a single section or two or three. This enables you to store more than one product at a time.

Floor fry warmers are slightly more difficult to find a place for and will need to be planned for. The layout of your kitchen and where it will be most convenient to place the fry station should be considered. Because of their larger size, floor models can hold more than countertop items. They are heated with gas or electricity.

Combination units are floor models that have both fryers and an attached fry dump station. Imperial Range multiple battery-electric fryers are an example of what these look like. See below.

Combination Fryer and Dump Station

Countertop, floor, and combination units all come in varying sizes. You can purchase these units with 1 to 3 sections and with varying capacities.

3) Brand Comparison

We offer fry dump stations from APW Wyott, Carter-Hoffmann, Dean, Frymaster, FWE, Garland, Hatco, Imperial, Nemco, Pitco, Vollrath, and Vulcan. What differentiates them from each other is primarily their certifications, prices, and warranties.

Certifications will depend on the model so be sure to read each listing carefully. Hatco and Vollrath are the only two certified Made in the USA. Our pricing for each brand is dependent on the promotion we are offering at the time. Just create an account to stay up to date on the latest and best prices. You can log in for details. All of our brands and models ship for free in the U.S.A., excluding Alaska and Hawaii.

We have provided a basic outline of the manufacturer’s fry dump station warranties below:

Warranty Comparison

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