Having reach-in refrigeration near your prep stations and within the kitchen, saves staff from needing to go back to the walk-in to grab ingredients. Reach-ins keep food items within reach.

When choosing a reach-in, size is one of the most important considerations. To determine what your kitchen needs, decide what you plan to store. Measure the ingredients you plan to store inside. Measure the floor space you have available. And measure how much refrigeration clearance you need.

Size by Unit

One Section

12 - 34.3 cubic feet

24 - 33 inches

1 door; 2 dutch doors

Two Section

40 - 56 cubic feet

39 - 90 inches

2 doors; 4 dutch doors

Three Section

69 - 85 cubic feet

74 - 90 inches

3 doors; 6 dutch doors

After measuring the ingredients you plan to store, you have the information to decide on the interior's cubic feet. After measuring the floor space, you know what width can be accommodated. Regulating the two can be a challenge. Sometimes kitchens desire larger interior refrigeration than their footprint allows. When this happens, consider purchasing undercounter and prep table units. They allow kitchens to refrigerate items without losing work space.


A reach-in unit's height needs to be considered do to clearance. Refrigeration products have condensers that need room to breathe. Therefore, we recommend measuring floor to ceiling heights to ensure the unit will properly fit.

If you plan to purchase a unit with casters, consider their height in addition to the reach-in's. Add the two numbers together - height of reach in + height of casters - to make sure it will still clear. Casters do not have a standard size so this is especially necessary if they are ordered separately from the reach-in. Some reach-ins come standard with casters. In this case, the height will typically include caster sizes. Be sure to read specifications thoroughly to know for certain.

Some shy away from larger refrigeration units since they require more energy. However, it is always better to have the size you need. Even extra interior space is better than not having any. All refrigeration units are insulated to reduce the loss of cool air. Keeping reach-in refrigerators and freezers away from hot areas of the kitchen, such as beside the stove, greatly helps as well.


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