This buying guide discusses Cambro vending carts and kiosks. They sell three series: CamCruisers, CamKiosk, and bases only. In this post, we break down what each offers and explain how versatile they truly are.

To begin, let’s note that vending carts and kiosks are built for the purpose of promoting, merchandising, and selling products and, in this case, food items. They are mobile and can be transported from site to site. All have casters to maneuver across various terrains.


CamCruisers are unique because they offer full-size countertop wells. Depending on the model, you can get multiple wells with holding or open rear compartments.

CamCruiser for Popcorn

Those with only one well have an opening for electrical or soda line passage. This permits you to have a designated area for additional electrical equipment or drink machines.


The larger models have three full-size countertop wells. They come with an area designated for cash boxes and trays. There are two rear compartments for holding and one is left open. They have a single removable menu board for easy menu changes.

All models have a polyethylene cutting board to provide a workstation for operators. Umbrellas are standard to protect operators and food items. Each is made of polyethylene to make them lightweight for transport.

Base Only

Cambro base only carts are all open-well units. They hold five 6” deep 1/1 GN pans. Note that pans are not included, but the possibilities of what can be stored in the pans or wells are truly endless. The bases have 1.5” universal umbrella holes if you decide to upgrade your unit. They have three rear compartments with two pullout shelves. With their pullout design, Cambro carts make it extremely easy for operators to reach products. They have 6” x 2” casters with side brakes for simple maneuverability.

Only Base

The biggest difference from model to model is their wraps. They come customizable, with fruit and vegetable images, or in an assortment of colors. You can obtain wraps in blue, red, green, and carbon fiber without any additional cost.

Cart with Safety Barrier

If a simple base is not enough to meet the needs of your operation, but you like all the features their base-only units offer, consider their CVC75W series. These models have all the same features but come with an additional safety barrier, as shown above. They protect food items and require someone to serve customers or students.


The CamKiosk series comes in handwash stations, workstations, or open well carts. This line allows you to meet specific foodservice needs with the same quality and reliability.

Hand Sinks

To begin, their hand sinks are ideal for schools, catering, and outdoor dining applications. These carts have two compartments, a single faucet, a paper towel dispenser, and a soap dispenser. This means you have everything within reach necessary for a safe and hygienic handwashing operation.

Hand Sinks

There’s no need to worry about running out of water. The two 5-gallon tanks ensure that you have enough to last. It has an additional 2-1/2 gallon hot water heater to keep water at comfortable temperatures. There are two 7-1/2 gallon tanks for the disposal of used water.

The hand sinks, of course, are mobile with 6” casters. Two are fixed and two are swivel for easy maneuverability and ideal stability. They come in red, blue, granite gray, granite green, black, Kentucky green, or in a combination of colors.



Their portable workstations can double as a serving counter. They have 6” casters (two fixed and two swivel casters with brakes) as well. They allow you to have a utility station in any setting. Their polyethylene construction permits them to be lightweight, ideal for transport. Note that you can also get them in red, blue, granite gray, granite green, black, or Kentucky green.

A notable feature is their enclosed storage base. This permits you to bring additional tools, food items, or cleaning supplies to keep a clean, fresh workstation.

Pan Well Carts

The CamKiosk pan well carts are made of polyethylene but have been foam insulated for increased temperature retention and durability. Depending on the model, they will come with 4 or 6 wells in various sizes and with various capacities. Read each listing closely to make sure you are purchasing the size food wells you will need.

Pan Well Cart

These carts come with canopies and can be purchased in the same color as or a different color than the canopy. Black, Kentucky green, granite gray, granite green, hot red, and navy blue options are available. You can customize them or purchase them in multiple colors. For example, some models will have one base color and a different color for their doors.

Not every pan well cart comes with canopies so attention to listing features and benefits is necessary. Models that don’t automatically come standard with canopies will charge you extra if you request one.

As you can see, Cambro vending carts and kiosks are flexible enough to accomplish many tasks but specific enough to meet the demands of the applications they were designed for.

Cambro is our most popular vending cart and kiosk brand. They have been used for a variety of purposes, including at schools, outdoor dining, catered events, weddings, charity and fundraising events, universities, fairs, concession applications, and more. The possibilities are endless! If you have used a Cambro kiosk or vending cart for a different purpose, we’d love to hear it in the comments below.


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