Want to use virtual reality to design your dream bar?

How it Works:

Build your dream bar in real-time 3D now. Choose from over 25,000 different configurations to design the perfect bar for your application.

Build Your Dream Bar

Build Your Dream Bar

Every bar has its own unique needs based on the drinks offered, the shape of the bar, and the volume of customers served. After countless hours of R&D, Krowne has determined that there is no single configuration that is perfect for every application. In order to maximize efficiency, flexible and highly configurable design solutions for all applications have to be offered.

To meet this need, Krowne built the first 3D bar configurator with over 10,000 configurations available. Since the release of BarFlex3D in 2019, they have designed over a thousand bars with clients using the software. These layouts can now be seen in some of the finest dining establishments in the world.

It’s crucial for restaurateurs and bartenders to have a clear understanding of their bar layout before proceeding to the production stage. With two-dimensional CAD (computer-aided drafting), designs can be difficult for end-users to comprehend layout and configuration prior to signing off on drawings.

For details on how it works, watch Barflex3D V2 Demo.

Tips to Design Your Perfect Bar Using Barflex

Begin with some key questions. As you complete these, the Barflex Wizard will guide you through the customization process.

  • How much space do you have?
  • How much ice storage do you need?
  • How many liquor bottles do you need to store?
  • Choose either Modular Bar Die* or traditional legs:

*Note: If it’s new construction or total gut renovation, Krowne suggests Modular Bar Die. If you’re only ordering parts or replacing one item, we suggest traditional legs.

Build your workstation from the bartender perspective going left to right.

Once you complete the design, your design is submitted and we’ll send you a quote on what you made. It’s just that easy!

Try It for Yourself.

How to Build Your Perfect Custom Bar

You can build your own workstation, configure it from scratch, pick all of your options, order your equipment, and rearrange your equipment.

You can also pick from our pre-made favorites. This is a great feature because many people are not sure how to best build their bar. These options are some of what we consider to be the most efficient workstations you can possibly create.

From there you can confirm that the size will work for you, and you can order right away.

Example of Using Barflex

So say you want to start with a 30” ice bin. You can click it and your options populate on the right-hand side. From there, say you want to do a garnish station, you’ll notice as soon as you click an option, incompatible choices will gray out. This system is tailored to our equipment, so it will let you know exactly how you can configure your workstation.

You can rotate, tilt, and zoom in and out.

The Bottom Line

It can be very hard to understand 2D CAD drawings. You might look at a traditional drawing and wonder, what exactly am I looking at here? This tool allows you to get the perfect configuration that you’re looking for with your bar… without the custom price tag.

So what are you waiting for? Now you can build your dream bar from start to finish.


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