Imagine. The smell of freshly baked rolls coming out of the oven. The taste of mouth-watering desserts— cookies, pastries, cupcakes, pies, cobblers, and cakes. The smell of freshly cooked, savory meats. The added flare vegetables like baked asparagus, green beans, potatoes, or carrots add to a plate.

Baking and Catering

Catering businesses have a unique challenge: How to provide freshly cooked, high-quality foods without the convenience of an industrial kitchen. Well, those of us here at DEQonline are here to help. We would like to introduce you to a series of effective, mobile convection ovens.

Anna, Lisa, and Roberta.


Cadco’s Anna, Lisa, and Roberta are like sisters. They are very similar, but each offers its own unique traits. All three are high performing, highly reliable, versatile convection ovens. They are made from durable, heavy-duty stainless steel. They have optimum “R” value insulation to lock in warm air and their advanced fan system enables them to cook items evenly.


The best part is that they are all small enough to transport, making them an ideal option for catering and baking needs.

The Difference

Their main difference is their size and the pan sizes they accept.

For instance, Anna, or model OV-023, is 18.63” tall, while Lisa (OV-013) and Roberta (OV-003) are only 15.75” high. Anna and Lisa are 23.63” wide, but Roberta’s width is only 18.88”. This makes Roberta the smallest of the three and the easiest to transport.


Roberta, however, only holds 3 quarter-size sheet pans, while Lisa and Anna accommodate half-sized pans. Anna accepts 4; Roberta 3.

This means they will need to be selected based on the extent of your catering operations and the size pans you have available.


Another Cadco model worth mentioning is OV-013SS. It offers most of the same features that Anna, Lisa, and Roberta do with one added benefit. Its small design makes it ideal for transport to varying catering sites. It has a heavy-duty stainless steel construction and is insulated with high “R” value insulation. This keeps it durable and helps maintain consistent temperatures. Its advanced fan system provides even temperatures throughout the interior oven.

The OV-013SS, however, offers the additional benefit of a stainless steel door.

Pass-Thru Model

Anna, Lisa, and Roberta have cool-to-the-touch double wall glass doors. While reinforced for additional support, their glass door design makes them vulnerable to breakage. Not so with the OV-013SS. Its stainless steel door eliminates this possibility, giving it a slight advantage over Anna, Lisa, and Roberta.

These models heat evenly and are light enough to transport. This makes them ideal for use in remote catering applications. Whether at a hotel, public house, or outdoor wedding, they provide greater cooking flexibility and consistently, deliciously baked goods.

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