Have you ever worked in a commercial kitchen that didn’t have enough storage? I have.

It can be extremely frustrating. Where are you supposed to put everything? And, it seems when you do find a place to stuff pots, pans, and all the necessary smallwares that a kitchen needs, it’s in the most inconvenient place possible.

If you’re currently facing this struggle, we understand and are offering you the perfect solution to each of your storage concerns.

The solution, other than maybe changing up the layout of your kitchen to maximize available floor space, is to buy the right pieces of equipment for the right purposes. What do we mean? Well, some commercial kitchens are using the wrong types of equipment to store the wrong types of products, pans, and equipment. We know! It is a shame, but in this brief guide we’ll explain what works best for what so ever commercial kitchen can know what they need to get the most out of their available floor space and storage space.

1) Commercial Work Tables and Equipment Stands

We have written a blog previously on work tables and if you would like to know the unique features we have to offer, please read our buying guide. But, for the sake of this discussion, we’ll focus on the storage aspect of a work table. The undershelf!

The undershelf is generally made of galvanized or stainless steel, making it durable and strong enough to hold even heavy objects. We recommend storing the items that you need quick and convenient access to here. Small equipment that you don’t use often enough to place on your counter, but often enough to need daily could be placed here. Or large pots and pans that are often used, but are too bulky and oddly shaped to fit anywhere else.

Since it is a worktable, evaluate what you most often use the table for. If you use it as a work station for preparing food in food pans, consider storing food pans on the work table’s undershelf.

If you have any questions, please see our buying guide for all commercial work tables.

2) Restaurant Shelving

There are several different types of restaurant shelving to choose from. You can pick solid and wire shelving, walk-in shelving, storage shelving, and wall-mount shelving.

Solid and Wire Shelves

Solid and wire shelving work best for storing a variety of items. You can place these in dry storage areas or in your commercial kitchen to house necessary pots and pans. They are most commonly used for storing food products.

Solid shelves in particular are best for dry storage. Because the shelves are solid, instead of perforated, they do not allow air circulation around products, preventing potential mold and mildew. It also reduces the risk for cross contamination.

Wire shelves, which often have holes and open slots within the shelf, allow for air circulation around your products. While this can be good for some items, we recommend caution when storing raw meats and other such food products. If you place it on the top shelf, meat may drip juice down onto your other products, putting them at risk for cross contamination and your customers at risk for food poisoning.

Walk-In Shelves

There are shelving options made specifically for use in walk-in coolers and freezers. They have a special design so that they will not rust from the extra moisture in the air. Brands like Winholt, Cambro and Fermod are our most popular for this function.

They should be purchased with the intend of storing food products within your walk-in cooler or freezer. While they can be used for other applications, this is what they were made for! You can even get them custom built to fit the size of your walk-in perfectly! A few custom packages we have already designed for our most common walk-in sizes can be found by shopping Fermod.

Storage Shelves

Storage shelves are the most versatile types of shelves we sell! They are made of plastic, preventing rust or corrosion, and are best used for simple storage purposes such as for frequently used, non-food items. If you have a delivery or catering service, these shelves are commonly used to store GoBoxes, delivery bags, and catering equipment.

Wall-Mount Shelves

Wall-mount shelves, as their name suggests, are shelves designed to mount on your wall. These are especially convenient because they do not require any floor space. However, just like the other types of storage solutions, you should buy the one that specifically meets your needs.

We sale wall-mount shelves designed for dishes, microwave ovens, general storage purposes, and pots and pans. The dishrack sorting shelf easily stores glasses and dishes, providing quick and easy access to them.

Our microwave oven shelves are designed specifically to store your microwave oven. This frees up work tables, equipment stands, and countertop space for use while keeping your microwave oven conveniently within reach.

Solid wall-mount shelving is used for general storage purposes. They work well for any random items you just need additional storage for and need to have a place to put so that is conveniently within reach, but out of the way.

You can get a single shelf or entire wall-mount cabinets with multiple shelving tiers. Search our full catalog at Solid Wall-Mount Shelving.

3) Carts

Carts are excellent storage solutions for items that you frequently need or use on the go. If you need items frequently from one end of your kitchen to the other, store it in a cart! This will enable you to simply role the items you need with you from one end of the kitchen to the other. This works well for items you need for both front-of-house and back-of-house applications as well.

Some carts are designed for easily transporting food items and beverages, while others are made with transporting dishes, glasses, and dinnerware in mind. There are also carts made for merchandising objects while they’re being transported from one area to another, which works well for front-of-the-house applications.

4) Storage Racks

The two main types of storage racks we sell are dunnage racks and pan racks. Dunnage racks are excellent for heavy-duty applications. They are sturdy, typically rust-resistant and excellent for use in dry storage applications. They can hold a variety of thick, heavy boxes of food products.

Pan racks are mobile and are perfect for storing food pans! Half size and full-size pans fit best, but a variety of sizes can be made to fit. The spacing of the shelves is also sometimes adjustable so the racks can accommodate the items you wish. The pan racks can be used to store pans that aren’t being used as well as pans that are storing food items. Bun pans with rising bread dough in particular are often stored on these types of racks.

Some sheet pan racks are made at a work-height so they can double up as a work table.

See all our available options at Bun Pan Racks and Bun Pan Rack Covers.

5) Insulated Food and Beverage Containers

These storage containers are insulated to help food and beverage items properly maintain their temperatures for longer. Some are even heated and / or refrigerated! They should be purchased exclusively for the use of storing food items and can be bought in a variety of sizes. Many models are small enough to carry from area to area, making them excellent for catering applications.


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