Rethermalizers are ideal for commercial kitchens that use prepackaged food or that cook and freeze their menu items in advance. It is the only equipment that safely takes menu items from chilled or frozen, through HACCP’s danger zone (41°F -135°F), to cooking temperatures (160°F-165°F), and then holds it at the proper serving temperature (150°F).

If you use a warmer or stovetop to cook and heat chilled or frozen items, you need to defrost or thaw it first.

Benefits of Rethermalizers

Designed for heating large amounts of products at once, rethermalizers use hot water instead of hot air to cook and hold items. This works similarly to a steam table. There are several key advantages to this:

  • 10x more efficient
  • Provides a gentler heating method so it doesn’t scorch delicate food items
  • Reduces the likelihood of food shrinking and overcooking
  • Provides a more consistent texture and temperature
  • Less food waste since it improves food quality, ensuring it won’t need to be thrown out

Because it cooks and holds items, rethermalizers also save kitchen staff time. It reduces labor costs. When you use a warmer, for example, you need to get chilled or frozen items up to temp before placing them in the warmer. When you use a rethermalizer, you simply place the chilled or frozen food in the unit. It will get it up to temperature, cook it, and hold it for you. It eliminates the need for thawing and defrosting.


This process takes an average of 90 minutes. It is ideal for cooking and reheating soups, sauces, vegetables, and defrosting raw meat (if the meat is in a sealed package).

Another notable advantage is it reduces the risk for cross-contamination. By making allergy-free foods for customers in a purely sanitized kitchen and then freezing, it reduces the risk of being mixed with menu items that are being prepared on the spot and contain high-risk ingredients. Read our blog about preventing cross-contamination to learn more.

Rethermalizer Options

When looking for a rethermalizer, you can purchase a countertop or floor model. Which one you choose should be based on the needs of your restaurant and how much product you plan to cook and warm at once. Be sure to read the specifications of each product or quote to make sure the capacity is what you need.


Before purchasing either a countertop or floor unit, make sure you have the counter or floor space for it. Floor models are made to fit next to other equipment such as stoves, fryers, etc., and have the physical shape of a fryer. The countertop units can come with multiple sections. Some are shaped like a rectangle or square while others are round. Round units are usually used for soups and sauces while the rectangle or square units are used for other items.


Rethermalizers have digital or manual controls. Digital typically provides a more consistent temperature.

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