Panini grills don’t come in one size fits all. In Part 1, we discussed the different standard features of these units and briefly addressed dual panini grills. This week we’ll talk about the different variations of single and dual sandwich grills and some other features you might consider when purchasing.

Single vs. Dual

Single Regular Top

Single Regular Top Panini Grill

These compact units save countertop space and are best in low volume businesses or businesses with limited space. For high volume businesses, the limited size might become an issue especially because these grills can only cook one type of product at a time.

Single Split Top

Single sandwich grills with a split top have all the benefits of a larger dual grill in a compact unit. The dual top plates come with separate timers for cooking different foods. However, the limited size could be a problem when preparing larger portions.

Dual Regular Top

Dual Regular Top Panini Grill

Dual sandwich grills allow you to cook multiple items at once. Some grills even come with different plate configurations for a more versatile unit. Because these units are larger, they’ll take up more countertop space. They’ll also take longer to heat up and cook.

Dual Split Top

These grills let you cook up to 4 items at once with separate temperature controls and timers. Just like a regular dual grill, they’re going to take up more counterspace and take longer to heat up.

More Features

Floating Hinge

A floating hinge allows a top plate to adjust to different food thicknesses. This flexibility reduces smashed or misshapen final food products. It also lets the top plate be self-leveling for even cooking of foods up to 3” thick.

Ergonomic Handles

An ergonomic handle design increases safety in your kitchen. Lower profile design and ergonomic easy to reach handles reduce an operator’s need to reach and stretch over the hot plate for the handle. Bonus: if you need to meet ADA requirements, this feature helps.

Adjustable Thermostats

Adjustable thermostats give your sandwich grill greater versatility when cooking a variety of foods. Most thermostats come with ranges of 120°F to 570°F, so you can warm tortillas and easily clean and season the grill.


Timers let you multitask without risking overcooking your food. Set the time and complete other tasks. Timers help you to maintain high levels of efficiency and eliminate food waste.

Specialty Sizes

While the standard sizes of single and dual panini grills are, respectively, 14” and 28”, many of our manufacturers also sell smaller sized grills. These specialty sized grills are excellent in smaller food service applications like food trucks, concession stands, and kiosks.

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