Popcorn machines offer concession stands a cheap, easy-to-make product that brings in big revenue and aims to please. Popcorn machines are also known as popcorn poppers or popcorn makers.

Charles Cretors created a large-scale commercial popcorn machine in 1891. He first invented a steam engine powered peanut roaster that he adapted for popcorn when he saw the snack growing in popularity. It was the first machine known to pop popcorn uniformly in its own seasoning. Cretors took his popcorn wagon and peanut roaster to the midway of Chicago’s World Fair, and the food became a success. Since then, popcorn machines have evolved to offer a wide variety of choices for concessioners.

Cretors' Popcorn Wagon

(Image of Cretors' Popcorn Wagon via Flickr)

DEQOnline offers a wide selection of traditional, countertop machines from Star and Gold Medal. The main difference between the popcorn machines is size. The size relates to the kettle, or how many ounces of popcorn kernels it will hold prior to popping. For example, the Gold Medal Econo 14 popper holds 14 oz of kernels in its kettle, and the Star Super Jetstar 86SS holds 8 oz of kernels. 

Countertop popcorn machines conveniently fit where space is limited. They vary in design and style. Some machines offer an embellished antique exterior while others keep it plain and simple. However, all feature a glass panel exterior allowing you and your customers to get a peek at the salty treat.

Star and Gold Medal popcorn machines both feature durable metal frames sure to hold up in any commercial environment.

Popcorn Machines

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Popcorn machines are perfect for convenience stores, concession stands, recreational facilities, restaurants, bars, chains, and anywhere else you want to pop and dispense delicious popcorn! Popcorn is a quintessential snack at any event and will make your concession stand customers smile.

Boy with Popcorn

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And don’t forget the heated butter dispenser from Star!

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