While researching for What Is the Difference Between a Malt and a Shake?, we found interesting possible milkshake flavors. We’re not sure how we feel about all of them. Inventive or disgusting? We can’t decide so wanted to share them.

1) Avocado Milkshakes

This one is quite popular in Asian countries and is typically made with vanilla or chocolate ice cream. The creaminess of the avocado mixes well with the creamy texture of the ice cream. If you don’t like avocados, we do not recommend this one. Their unique taste and texture will come through in the shake. It is known for being refreshing.

2) Bacon Milkshakes

For meat lovers, this one could work. It can be prepared in two different ways. One can either fry the bacon and blend the grease with the ice cream and use the bacon as a garnish or mix the bacon in with the shake while it is being made. The taste is so-so. The flavors don’t mix well. Thrillist described it as “a vanilla shake, with chunks of pork shooting up the straw on scattered occasions” (“Five Guys is testing milkshakes, and we tried all of them,” 2014). We can think of better uses for bacon.

3) Beer Milkshakes

This is an absolutely genius way to curb the heat in summer while getting a slight buzz. Or, depending on the amount of alcohol in the drink and one’s alcohol tolerance, getting the strong taste of alcohol with something sweet. Sweet and sour works together and so do sweet and sharp. Beer and Brewing wrote a post in 2016 offering up five craft beer milkshake recipes for anyone to try. We’d recommend. See the recipes here.

4) Buffalo Chicken Milkshake

Sweet and spicy? That is one way this one could be described. The person who brought this to life did so based on a 30 Rock reference, but he insists it’s not that different from “artisan ice cream joints” making “flavors with ingredients like cilantro, basil and ginger” (“30 Rock’s Buffalo Chicken Shake,” 2011). He has a point. Still. It just seems like certain things shouldn’t be done. With the chicken wars of 2020-2021, maybe it would be a wise menu addition.

5) Caramel Popcorn Milkshake

Caramel popcorn is our favorite. Sweet, salty, what more does one need? Apparently, more sweet. By adding it to a milkshake, a sweet, salty, and crunchy dessert is created. Easy to garnish with additional popcorn kernels and tasting like the holidays, it’s an ideal drink for those searching for a change to the usual vanilla, chocolate, strawberry flavors.

We’re curious though. Would you try any of the above-mentioned milkshakes? And what are the weirdest ingredients you have thought of trying in yours?

For more on milkshakes, read our blog “What is the Difference Between a Malt and a Shake?” or browse our equipment.


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