When you call Douglas Equipment or DEQOnline, Waynette may be one of the first voices you hear. She is our leading receptionist, answering and directing calls for over 50 employees.

We recently interviewed her about her time with us and here’s what she had to say:

How did you hear about Douglas Equipment and what was it that made you decide to work with us?


I was looking for employment and found a job posting for a receptionist on Indeed.com. I applied for the position and on Presidents Day 2017, Brad Belcher called me to set up an interview.

How long have you worked with us?

I have been employed at Douglas Equipment since Feb. 2017.

How would you describe your job?

Ever changing, which I love....

What is your favorite part of it?

I have many favorites about what I do, one being that I get to represent this great company each day. I get to interact with all walks of life and with that I find myself always learning something new each day.

How would you describe the work environment or atmosphere at Douglas Equipment?

I would describe it as very good.

When you think over the years with us, what memories come to mind?

My best and sweetest memories are those that I spent with Pam McCormick. She started out as a teacher and mentor to me, showing me all of the ins and outs of this position, and over time, she has become a cherished and loved friend, someone I have the highest regards and respect for.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment while here?

Keeping my promise to Mr. Larry Douglas. When I started working for him, I promised him that I would give him my very best each day. I still stand by that promise today, because when you give your very best each day, that comes with pride in what you do and pride in who you work for and I am proud to work at Douglas Equipment and for Mr. Larry and Patsy Douglas.

Thank you Waynette for taking the time to participate in our interview series!

And for those reading this post, we are always looking to add new, component, mission-oriented people to our team. Candidates can apply at Indeed.com.