When you call our e-commerce department, you might very well get to speak with Stevie (He also goes by Steve or Steven).

We recently had the privilege of interviewing him about his time with us and his recommendations for our customers.

How would you describe your role at Douglas Equipment?

I handle customer service issues, ship out inventory we sell online every day, do quotes for potential new customers, and handle the online sites we sell online daily with tracking and messages about ship dates.

What is your favorite part of the job?

My favorite part is the people I work with. If there is an issue with anything there is someone that will help.

What challenges or concerns are foodservice businesses currently facing?

The economy and the rising inflation that is hurting everyday Americans that operate small businesses.

How would you recommend customers cope with supply shortages?

When I talk to customers that have an order with us and it is going to be running a long lead time all you can do is try to hold their hand along the way and keep them updated with info as you get it. Keeping an eye on the orders is very important so the customers know what’s going on with supply shortages.

What memories stick out in your mind from your time at Douglas Equipment?

I have loads of memories. A major memory that sticks out is getting hired and getting a 2nd chance to prove that I could be a major part of this e-commerce team for the foreseeable future.

Had you had any experience in food service before working here? If so, what was it?

I worked/managed in fast food my whole life before I started here.

What foods do you enjoy cooking?

I enjoy cooking easy foods that taste amazing. I love to grill also. So steaks, spaghetti, lasagna, biscuits and gravy.

Do you have any favorite celebrity chefs?

Matty Matheson

How has Douglas Equipment changed since you first started working here?

We have grown into something amazing since I’ve been here. It's still the same great place to work and as I said before great people to work with and for.

Thanks, Stevie, for participating! We appreciate you for everything you do.