While Lora and I work in separate departments, she's always nice to talk to and work with.

When you first began at Douglas Equipment, what were your first impression of us and the company?

The employees were very nice and the company seemed to be good to work for.

What is your role at Douglas Equipment?

I work in accounting and handle Accounts Payable and Billing. I take care of the AP email account receiving vendor invoices and inquiries; Enter expense invoices and Non-IFED invoices (when needed) into Sage; Invoice customers for the Non-IFED vendor invoices; Handle issues for non-payment or credits of vendor invoices; Process all ATS invoices from our inventory.

What experiences did you bring to Douglas Equipment to make the transition from your last jobs easier?

I had worked in many areas of accounting and accounting systems previously so it was just learning the system.

Do you think you'd like to switch positions with anyone here? If so, who and why?

I would like to try my hand as a “Project Manager” for the bid department. I think I could do a lot to bring in revenue for the company and serve as a role model of how to do the job with great success.

When you think of your time here, what memories come to mind?

All the laughs I’ve had with fellow employees.

What hobbies do you have outside of work?

I enjoy kayaking, boating on the lake, camping, fishing, ATV riding, and hiking.

How do your experiences here compare to your experiences working with other companies?

I have been able to get to know fellow employees more as this is the smallest company I have worked for.

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