Jainie works in our accounting department and I’m not sure what we’d do without her. She adds much joy to our team, radiating friendliness and competence in her job. We recently had the privilege of interviewing her for our “About Us” series. We hope you enjoy getting to know her too.

How did you hear about us and come to be hired?

I saw an ad on Indeed and was looking for something different. I got a call back pretty quickly which was appreciated and after two interviews, I got the job!

How would you describe your department and work responsibilities?

Our department, Accounting, handles the ins and outs of all orders that come through our business. We help the sales department process their orders, be it from vendors or for customers, and answer any questions anyone may have, including our customers.

We also help keep the company on track financially, which is a big responsibility that we take seriously. I personally handle our eCommerce orders, where we sell through online services like Amazon or eBay, as well as help keep track of other accounts receivable information.

I really enjoy working with all the departments, helping them keep track of what their customers owe and answering questions about billing.

What is your dream job? If you could do anything in the world, what would it be?

That is a hard question, because what I really want to say is I would love to get paid to sit on a beach all day. But more realistically, my dream job is anything that keeps me busy, challenges me, and allows me to help others. I get to do that in my job now which is great. I also love teamwork and our team is amazing; there are many moving parts that we all handle very well, in my opinion.

With the holidays coming up, which would you say is your favorite? And do you have any special food traditions?

Christmas is definitely my favorite! Halloween is a close second, but our food traditions make Christmas a little better. I just love getting together with my whole family, and we do a Christmas dinner where everyone brings appetizers that we can eat all evening while we play our games. It’s much more fun than sitting down once and stuffing ourselves.

While working here, have you learned anything about the foodservice industry that surprised you? If so, what?

I have learned so much! One thing that surprised me though is how big these vendors are and that I see them so often. Any time I am out to eat or even somewhere like Sam’s Club, I see big names like Winco or Beverage Air everywhere I look. I had worked in restaurants before, but never seen things from this side so it is interesting to see all the different types of equipment we sell and what all that equipment can do for the foodservice industry.

We are headquartered in West Virginia. Have you lived in this area your whole life? If not what is your impression so far?

I am actually from Montana, but I have lived in WV since I was 5, so I consider it my home state. I am a big fan of Fayette county. Pies and Pints is an amazing pizza place in Fayetteville, and the new River Gorge is beautiful. I love our proximity to places like Christiansburg and Blacksburg as well. I will always recommend The Cellar in Blacksburg! There is so much to do if you love being outside like I do, so I would encourage everyone to visit at least once.

Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself or our company?

My biggest hobby besides reading is cooking. I love to cook, and walking through our showroom, there are so many tools and machines I would love to have! Working at Douglas Equipment sometimes makes me think I’d love to own a restaurant, but I think I’ll stay where I am and practice in my own kitchen instead.

Thanks, Jainie, for taking the time to answer each question thoughtfully and honestly.

If anyone reading this would like to become a part of our team, we regularly post new job openings on Indeed so be on the lookout for something that fits you.


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