Conducting these interviews has been a privilege. We’ve learned so much about each other. For instance, I wasn’t aware Don knew how to play the drums.

Read the full interview below.

Where is your office located?

Mars, PA (North of Pittsburgh) office location.

I know you work away from our main office in Bluefield, West Virginia, so what area of the U.S. do you cover?

Northern WV & PA

How would you describe your role in outside sales?

Equipment Sales, Design, Consultant

What are the best restaurants within the area you cover? Specifically, those that are locally owned and operated.

Pittsburgh has an abundance of Restaurants.

Locally owned and operated and considered “Best” would include: Cellars Speakeasy, Cala Lilly, Rico’s, Altius, Off the Hook…there are many more!

Do you think the foodservice industry will recover from 2020 in 2023?

The trajectory of the industry has been pointing UP!

What are your predictions for our industry in the upcoming year?

Don playing drums

Barring any unforeseen setbacks, restaurant growth will continue and that leads to more equipment demand!

Do you have any words of advice for our customers?

Buy now, if you need something. Price trending has continued to rise.

If someone were to desire a job at Douglas Equipment, what do you think is important for them to know?

They should know that this is a professionally run family business with wonderful core values.

Douglas Equipment’s goal of keeping our clients happy is what keeps them coming back to us, as loyal clients!

Have you worked at Douglas Equipment for long?

I have been with Douglas Equipment for a little over two years.

How did you first come to work for us?

Someone in the industry called me and said that Doulas Equipment was expanding into our area. Not long after that I interviewed and was hired.

How would you describe a healthy work-life balance?

Keeping what is important in perspective is paramount to a healthy work-life balance; God, family, friends and work.

What hobbies do you have outside of work?

I have been a drummer most of my life.

While in the restaurant business, wine tasting was a profession that has become a hobby.


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