Cale joined our team about a year ago and we’re so happy he did. He’s done an excellent job working with customers and getting our military the kitchen equipment they need.

How do you like working for Douglas Equipment so far?

Getting to work for a company that values your input and truly works with you so that you can do the best job that you can is truly amazing!!

What were you hired for? And what do you do?

I was hired to take over the DLA Project Manager aka Troop Support, I make sure all the naval ships have their 20 Sharp Microwaves.

Cale's Dog

Which upcoming holiday do you enjoy most?

My absolute favorite holiday is just a few days away… HALLOWEEN!!!

Any fun holiday traditions you would like to share?

If you ask my dogs they would consider it torture but getting to dress them up in their Halloween costumes is the cutest thing ever!

Will you be participating in our Halloween costume contest this year? If so, what do you plan to come as?

Cale's Dog

SHHH don’t tell Chef Larry but I coming as him with a twist!

What are your favorite local restaurants?

Oh gosh, The Blue Spoon, The Vault, and the Railyard (the best thing is they are all in the same place)!

How would you describe the food service industry and our customer base?

The food service industry has its highs and lows but everyone is more than willing to work together to solve any problem that may arise. While I only handle the US Military, they are always very professional and understanding especially the impact of the covid-19 pandemic has had on the industry.

What advice would you give anyone looking to come work for us?

Please come join the family!!! When I say that we are a family we truly are, we all work together, joke together, and it's truly an amazing support group that makes you feel included and part of the DEQ Team.


For those interested, you can apply at We’d love to meet you.