I first had the opportunity to meet Brandon while doing inventory at our Bristol location. He and I were relatively new hires, but I knew he would be a great fit. He was hard working and provided helpful suggestions for greater efficiency.

Fast forward a few years, and I get to interview him. You'll find both my questions and his responses below.

What was your first impression of Douglas Equipment?

That this was a family atmosphere. When I first started 5 years ago, I was a new father and my daughter became very sick and had to stay at Wake Forest for multiple weeks.

The support from my colleagues was overwhelming and something I will always remember and be grateful for.

What do you do for your job? And which part do you find most enjoyable?

As a member of the Dealer sales department, I am responsible for supplying equipment to smaller dealers in multiple states.

I am also responsible for inside support for our very dedicated and hard working outside sales representatives.

If you could switch jobs with anyone else in our company, who would it be and why?

I honestly don’t believe that I would switch jobs. I love the current department and position that I am currently in.

If someone were to vacation in West Virginia (where our headquarters is located), what places, activities, and/or restaurants would you recommend?

WV is known for our outdoor activities. There is always something to do such as hiking, swimming, four wheeling, and golfing.

The Greenbrier resort is a must.

If it is football season, a trip to Mountaineer Field in Morgantown is another must do.

Local restaurants I would strongly recommend the Railyard or the Cornershop.

What changes have occurred in the foodservice industry since you were first hired?

There have been multiple changes, especially within the past couple of years due to Covid.

The biggest change has been the difficulty of having extremely long lead times due to supply chain issues.

What advice or recommendations do you give customers about equipment or the industry in general?

The best advice and or recommendations that I can give current customers/dealers is to take care of the end user. Taking the time to understand and guide a customer with finding the best equipment for their needs will eventually lead to repeat business and not just a one time sale.

Is there any advice you would give new employees?

Never be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Again, this is a family atmosphere and you don’t have to look very far to find a helping hand.

Also, hard work and dedication will never go unnoticed. Don’t hesitate to always take that extra step.

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