When was the last time you did something good for the environment?

Depending on how conscientious you are, where you live, and how you were raised, you might do something every day to ensure you are protecting the environment. This could be out of habit or conscious effort. Whatever your reasoning, we thank you for what you are doing to conserve energy and maintain a sustainable lifestyle.

Most care deeply about the health of our planet, but there is always more we can do. With that in mind, we would like to draw your attention to a brand we feel is doing an outstanding job of protecting the planet through environmentally-friendly and sustainable practices while creating quality, hand-crafted products.

Famous for their wooden butcher blocks and cutting boards as well as their stainless steel commercial kitchen equipment, John Boos is making significant strides in setting the standard for manufacturing in a sustainable way. Their commitment is to “ensure the environmental integrity” of their “processes and facilities at all times." They do this in several ways.

1) Making their wooden products from renewable, sustainable hardwoods

Many cutting boards are made with plastic and other materials that do not disintegrate easily while causing significant damage to our environment. John Boos’ wooden cutting boards and butcher blocks are made almost entirely from real wood. This decreases their chances of harming the environment while increasing their durability.

Different Wood Types

(Image via John Boos)

Their wooden products are handcrafted out of American-grown trees in factories located throughout the United States of America. Types of trees they use include North American Hard Wood Maple, American Cherry, American Black Walnut, and Appalachian Red Oak, providing customers with a variety of sustainable design choices. In addition to this, each of their wooden products is a completely unique, one-of-a-kind piece.

2) Ensuring sustainable production

Work Tables

(Image via John Boos)

John Boos is a member of the National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA). This long-standing membership ensures that they are maintaining sustainable forestry and sound forest management. They are committed to “renewing timbers” and following “best professional practices that mirror natural forces.” This means they individually select trees to harvest that will encourage “forests to renew and regenerate themselves naturally and politically” ("Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability").

It’s amazing and encouraging to see a brand so committed to restoring the materials they are taking from nature to make their products. Because of this, John Boos is considered an eco-effective choice for your kitchen.

3) Recycling materials

Boos Block

(Image via John Boos)

Yes, on top of trying to maintain the forests and make degradable products, John Boos recycles! The sawdust that is produced from making their handcrafted wooden cutting boards and butcher blocks is used to fuel and heat their temperature-controlled kilns, which they use to make more products. If they have any sawdust left over, they sell it to local farmers to use for bedding for their farm animals ("Supporting Our Environment & Community"). This shows that John Boos is committed to going above and beyond to create a renewable product in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way.

Few manufacturers are this committed to sustainable energy.

We are proud to sell from them and their quality, American-made products. If you would like to invest in this company and their mission, check out their products at John Boos.


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