Last year we were privileged with the opportunity to interview Flippers Gourmet Burgers. Located in San Francisco, California this restaurant got its start during the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. While many businesses, restaurants, and bars were forced to close, this restaurant opened its doors on June 29, 2020!

Double Cheese Burger

(Their Double Cheese Burger)

Who They Are and What They Do

They decided to open because they wanted to offer something uniquely the best – delicious, handcrafter burgers made with Niman Ranch meat. The meat has no antibiotics or hormones! Truly amazing!

Lamb Burger

(Their Lamb Burger)

When asked which of their menu items was most popular, they told us the Hickory Brisket. It is an 8 oz and a 6 oz eye of round with applewood bacon. They also sent via email the pictures of the burgers scattered throughout this post. Truly mouthwatering. Based on appearance alone, we recommend the lamb or falafel burgers. These images made us drool a little. Delicious!

Falafel Burger

(Their Falafel Burger)

They describe their restaurant as “family-friendly, casual, clean, and efficient” and they offer takeout and delivery to Russian Hill, Dog Patch, Nob Hill, the Marina District, and North Beach in San Francisco.

Responding to COVID-19 Guidelines

Since they began their operation during the pandemic, they did not have to make any changes or adjustments to the way they conducted businesses. They have however always had social distancing signs, face masks, outside seating, and regular disinfecting of tables, chairs, and common surfaces.

Morning Dew Burger

(Their Morning Dew Burger)

When asked how we could help, they suggested that foodservice equipment dealers provide financing for equipment and allow people to pay over time. This was an excellent suggestion, but it something we already do. If you’re a new potential customer, please ask for it while over the phone, via email, or through any of our social pages’ messaging systems. We would love to help!

Recommendations for New Restaurants

If you want to follow in Flippers Gourmet Burgers food steps, we recommend 1) offering something special and unique and 2) Not being intimidated by the pandemic and financial unrest in our world. If there is any way we can help, please let us know.

Black and Blue Burger

(Their Black and Blue Burger)

Flippers Gourmet Burgers recommends charbroilers to any restaurant getting ready to embark on a new journey or that is looking to purchase new equipment. They use theirs often to make their mouth-watering burgers.



If you’re ever in the San Francisco area, please give Flippers Gourmet Burgers a chance! Their food is truly the best of the best. Between using meats that don’t have hormones or antibiotics, their effort towards cleanliness and sanitation to protect customers, and excellent customer service and friendliness, you can’t go wrong! They are open Monday – Wednesday from 9 am to 10 pm, Thursday – Saturday from 9 am to 11 pm, and on Sundays from 9 am to 9 pm.

Marina Burger

(Their Marina Burger)

Thanks for letting me interview you, Flippers Burgers!

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