Another fun interview!

Back in October, I interviewed Drip Coffee Columbia about their coffee shop and how they were impacted by COVID-19. Below you will find our interview questions and their answers.

1) How and when did your business get started?

“With patience and a leap of faith. Almost 10 years ago.”

2) What inspired you to focus on offering high-quality coffee?

“I love food and drink and have always loved coffee shop culture.”

3) What is your most popular menu item?

“Coffee-lol And probably honey vanilla latte.”

4) Which item would you recommend to a new customer? And can you describe it?

“I always ask them what they usually drink and try to curtail towards their taste.”

5) Have you made any changes in the way you conduct your business because of COVID-19? If so, what were they?

“We set up our entrance and exit doors and established an APP.”

Drip Coffee Columbia

6) How has COVID-19 impacted you personally as a member of the foodservice industry?

“Just made it harder to meet the expectations of our customers.”

7) Have you seen an incline or decline in sales?


Most places did.

8) What can we (as foodservice equipment dealers) and customers do to help?

“All of us can just offer patience.”

9) How would you describe the work culture at Drip Coffee Columbia?


10) And since we do work in restaurant equipment, what brands of coffee, espresso machines do you use or would you recommend to our customers?

“Ditting grinder, La Marzocco USA espresso machines, pour over supplies.”

What a wonderful place! If you're near Columbia, South Carolina, be sure to stop by Drip Coffee Columbia and try their coffee or vanilla lattes. You won't regret it!

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