August through October is a busy time for concession stands. The end of summer and start of fall are often celebrated with a variety of fairs and festivals and the start of school sports. Over the next few weeks, we’re highlighting the equipment found in most concession stands to help you take advantage of this season.

State fairs have become known for debuting new fried food concoctions every year. While funnel cakes and corn dogs are traditional deep-fried treats, new favorites include deep-fried Oreos, deep-fried mac-and-cheese bites, deep-fried brownies, and even deep-fried Kool-Aid.

Fried Food

And if you want to jump on the fried food bandwagon, there is one piece of equipment you absolutely need – an industrial fryer. Industrial fryers allow you to serve up a variety of hot foods fast, whether it’s deep fried Oreos, deep fried pizza or even something as simple as fresh cut fries.

Fryers come in countertop and floor models. The size of your concession stand and the volume of food you produce will help determine what size you need. Countertop fryers have a space saving design since they can be placed on top of a worktop unit. They are usually used in food trucks, concession stands, and small kitchens. Floor fryers stand independently and are best for heavy-duty use. They are often found in industrial kitchens. Specialty fryers are also available. These fryers are usually called funnel cake or donut fryers and are best for foods that float like these foods do.

Commercial Fryers

When picking out a fryer, you’ll also want to take into account recovery time. Longer recovery times mean delayed food production and a potential back up in serving customers. This is an important consideration for food vendors in a festival environment because of how many other vendors are there as well.

While cooking in a deep fryer is relatively quick and easy, cleaning and maintaining them takes a little extra effort. They need to be properly cleaned and maintained so you can get the best life out of them and keep your food safe.

Cleaning Tip: Prior to packing up and moving to the next venue, check for a local cooking oil recycling program or see if there are any individuals looking for free used oil. The popularity of using cooking oil to power vehicles and other items continues to grow, so this is a great sustainable way to unload unwanted oil before hitting the road again.

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