Ice cream had never tasted so good!

I was in Ohio at a summer camp and some of my friends, just needing a break from the strenuous work and hot sun, asked if I wanted to go out for ice cream. It was a local shop; I’m not even sure what it was called now. But, I know they had an ice cream display just in the front of the room, right next to the cash register.

The ice cream dipping cabinet was black, with a straight glass (if I remember correctly). It had a display of probably up to 30 gallons of ice cream, 30 different options to choose from.

I’m not the best at making decisions, so I studied each ice cream. I examined both their titles, marked on tiny little while slivers of paper in black paramount marker and held by elegant cardholders and their colors. The ice cream flavors were mostly classic choices- homemade vanilla bean, dark chocolate, light milk chocolate, peanut butter, and various forms mixed with candies and chocolates.

Ice Cream in Dipping Cabinet

I’m a sucker for good vanilla ice cream so I knew, no matter what, it was a must! I would regret it if I didn’t get it. There’s just something about the richness of “homemade” vanilla bean ice cream that I can’t resist. But, what else should I get?

I chose a flavor based on what I thought looked the best. I had never had it before, wasn’t sure if I would even like it. But, based on my previous ice cream experiences, the title sounded like something I would like. And, it looked delicious!

If this mysterious ice cream shop, that I can’t remember the name to, had not had an ice cream dipping cabinet and display, I would never have ordered it. I would have chosen what was familiar- vanilla bean ice cream and maybe milk chocolate. Something that I knew I would like. But, because I could see it because I could almost taste it, I went with something that I hadn’t had before- something new.

You can do that for your customers too!

We’ve probably all experienced this. We think we’re full until the merchandisers at the counter say we have room for just one more cookie or the bakery display at the coffee shop tells us we want a pastry with that chocolate mocha to go.

If we understand the power of visually appealing to customers, then we understand the value of investing in an ice cream dipping or display cabinet. Whether you own your own ice cream parlor, like the one I went to in Ohio, or you work at a restaurant and want to up your dessert sales, an ice cream freezer may be just what you need.

Keep in mind that Americans spend over $39 billion on ice cream in a single year (July: National Ice Cream Month). Just saying.

If you are thinking about investing in an ice cream freezer, what features should you look for? What are their common features and what makes each model unique? While we won’t have time to go through all the specific details of each model, check out our ice cream and gelato dipping cabinet catalog for that, today I would like to give you the information you need to make an informed decision about which option you want for your ice cream parlor, restaurant, convenient store, or business.

Common Features

Ice cream freezers hold your products at temperatures between -10 and 8 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the ideal temperatures for holding ice cream. The best part of these machines is that they come with temperature controls, allowing you to adjust the temperatures as is needed for your specific taste, preferences, and needs.

Ice cream dipping and display cabinets typically use self-contained refrigeration systems. Due to recent law and regulation changes, most of the commercial ice cream dipping cabinets available use environmentally-friendly R404-A refrigerant. The refrigeration systems will have either a manual or automatic defrost system for easy maintenance.

Unique Features

They have many options that make them unique and empower them to fulfill the specific needs of the application you need them for. As an example, they have different sizes. You can obtain an ice cream freezer at widths anywhere between 26” to 89”. This allows you to purchase the size that will allow you to accommodate the amount of ice cream that you desire. The 26” models typically hold about four 3-gallon ice cream cartons while the 89” ones can hold up to sixteen 3-gallon cans.

White Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet

They also offer you different glass options. The glass can either be straight or curved, depending on your preferences. Straight glass options give customers a peak of the delicious ice cream inside but aren’t as good for merchandising purposes. The curved glass provides your dipping cabinet with an attractive, sleek look. It is more likely to attract customer attention and provides customers greater visibility of your products.

Master-Bilt Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet

Some ice cream dipping cabinets do not have any form of glass. While they don’t give customers visibility of your products, they are excellent options for storage purposes. For instance, if you need to store ice cream for back-of-house applications, these dipping cabinets are ideal. They’re durable, easy to use, and come with easy-to-lift lids.

Master-Bilt dipping cabinets can come with additional features to make ice cream preparation easier for your employees. For example, they have a type of “pan rail” at its top that you can store nuts, fruit, candy, fudge, hot chocolate, cherries, and more in to make ice cream sundae, ice cream cone preparation easy. Effortless to use, these dipping cabinets are durable, attractive, and provide your business with the ideal convenience for a faster, smoother operation.

Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet with Syrup Rail

There are also different lighting options for the cabinet’s interior. Turbo Air, for instance, uses LED lights for their interior canopy. This brightens the interior and increases product visibility. For models with curved glass, these lights can especially help with catching customer attention. Their LED lights are designed to last longer, produce less heat, save energy, and to reduce the costs associated with energy use. They have an independent on/off switch so you can turn the lights off while leaving the machine running.

For more details, view all our Ice Cream Dipping Cabinets.

Green Ice Cream Dipping Cabinet

Turbo Air Dipping and Gelato Cabinets come in either a professional, standard white color or bright green for a more festive, celebratory appearance. The green works especially well for ice cream parlors.

Gelato Display Cabinets

With shorter bases and slanted glass, they usually have larger windows for increased visibility. They accommodate the pans that gelato normally comes in, instead of ice cream cans. They typically come with these pans and have a storage level beneath their display section. They operate at temperatures between -5 and 20 degrees Fahrenheit since gelato is typically held at warmer temperatures than ice cream. These display cabinets can accommodate a variety of ice cream styles and flavors, including gelato, sorbet, and Italian ice.

For more details, view our Gelato Dipping and Display Cabinets catalog.

Ice cream is one of our favorite summertime treats! Owning the right ice cream freezers can increase your profits, give your customers the incentive to try new things, and add to the décor and functionality of your establishment.

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