If you have not yet invested in an Eastern Tabletop Germbuster, we highly recommend that you do so. This compact machine disinfects, sanitizes, removes odors, and decontaminates. It kills 99.9% of all viruses, germs, and mold. All while boasting an easy-to-use, easy-to-carry design.

The benefits are innumerable.

This unit can be used anywhere. It has been used to disinfect and sanitize restaurants, hotel lobbies and rooms, offices, gyms, medical facilities, banquet halls, and vehicles. If you own any business, chances are you stand to gain from investing in either the Germbuster 3500 or Eastern Tabletop’s mini, handheld version, 3590.

The Germbuster 3500 has a 3-liter tank for holding disinfectant while the 3590 has a 200 ml tank capacity. The 3500 must be plugged into a wall while the 3590 is battery-powered. Both have their pros and cons. The 3500 is a must for large areas, however. Its spray nozzles are interchangeable for close, targeted, or far away, overall disinfecting. With these two nozzles, you can disinfectant at distances between 4 to 30 feet. The mini does not come with interchangeable nozzles and can only reach a 2 to 5-foot area at a time.

The 3500 also has air and moisture controls, allowing you to determine how much disinfectant is released at a time. This regulates the pressure to accommodate your specific needs.

The design is compact for a lightweight, easy-to-carry design. Lest carrying it around becomes cumbersome, Eastern Tabletop has had the foresight to incorporate a shoulder strap and ergonomic handle.

To use these machines correctly, you must follow the instructions below.

For the 3500:


Step 1) Fill the Tank

To begin, you must first remove the tank. You accomplish this by pressing down on the locking tap. This removes the tank from the holster. Once removed, unscrew the tank cap and use the provided funnel to pour the disinfectant solution into the tank. Once it is full, reattach the lid, securely. Push the thank back into its designated spot. Once the tank is fully inserted, you will hear a confirming click.

Step 2) Open the Moisture Control Knob

On the side of the machine, you will notice a knob that rotates to two options – open or closed. Adjust this knob to the open position so the disinfectant can freely flow to the nozzles.

Step 3) Turn It On

Of course, to do this you must first plug it in. The 19’ cord included is interchangeable if you need something longer to reach large spaces. The standard 19’ cord permits a large area, however, and will be sufficient for a test run.

Once the machine is plugged into the wall and the operator has a comfortable hold on it, using the shoulder strap as necessary, push down on the control lever, located on the top of the machine. This control lever regulates the flow of disinfectant. Push it further down to increase the volume or pull it back towards yourself to decrease the flow volume.

Simply unscrew the nozzle and screw on the other nozzle attachment to change from broad, overall to precise disinfecting.

Step 4) Turn it Off

Once the machine has been used and you are complete with your task, turn the knob back to a closed position and push the lever back to weak. You must wait for 5 seconds before the motor will shut itself down. Once this is done, you can unplug it and store it for later use.

For the 3590:

Step 1) Use the Charging Cradle to Fully Charge the Germbuster Mini

Step 2) Remove It from the Cradle


Step 3) Fill Disinfectant Solution Tank

To remove the disinfectant solution tank, pull it until you hear a click. Once you hear a click, pull down and away from the unit for complete removal. Upon completely removing it, unscrew the lid and fill the tank with your disinfectant solution of choice. Of course, you can and should use the provided funnel to pour the disinfectant solution to prevent spills. After the tank is full, place the cap with its accompanying push tube back inside and securely shut it. Then reinsert the tank.

Step 4) Turn it On

To begin using the unit, grip the handle securely and press down on the top button. It will then begin spraying a mist of disinfectant within seconds.

There are two indicator lights while the unit is in operation. The first will indicate that the unit is on. The other shows operators how the battery life is holding up under use.

Battery Life Indicator Color Chart


85% to 100%


30% to 85%

No Light

Below 30%


Step 5) Turn it off

Once you are done disinfecting the desired area, turn it off by releasing the button. Place the unit back onto the charger cradle for recharging. Each machine takes an hour and 40 minutes to completely recharge. The units can be operated for up to 50 minutes without interruption before it needs recharging.

Both the 3500 and 3590 come with a standard 1-year warranty.

Several disinfectant options are available through Eastern Tabletop. Most are organic and are FDA-approved as food-safe. Some have been EPA approved for COVID disinfecting. See their full selection under “Top Quality” GoClean Germbusters.

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