You’ve come up with a great food truck idea, bought a truck, and obtained your permits and licenses. Now what? 

ServSafe Certifcation

While not always required, it is often highly recommended for food truck owners and their employees to be certified with ServSafe. Once you pass, you can print out the certificate and place it in the window of your truck. This will give you, your employees, and your customers peace of mind that the food is being handled in a sanitary environment.

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If your food truck is down, your business is down. Establish a good relationship with a local mechanic or auto shop. That way your down time can be as minimal as possible.

Off-Truck Food Prep Area

Most food truck owners recommend having a commissary or a brick-and-mortar food prep area. An off-truck prep area will save time and space in your truck. Store all of your pre-prepped ingredients in a refrigerator and ready to cook. Having your food prep to serve time as low as possible is the best way to keep your customers happy and to increase profits.

On-Truck Equipment

Lastly, you need to determine exactly what equipment you need on the truck. DEQOnline has all of the equipment you might need to outfit your truck. From smallwares to fryers to refrigeration, we have you covered.

Recommended Equipment:

  • Countertop gas griddle
  • Countertop gas fryer
  • Undercounter refrigeration
  • Small bar type sink

Countertop equipment can help save space, especially when stacked on top of a counter or a piece of undercounter equipment. If you need a griddle or a fryer, LP gas is favored more over their natural gas or electric counterparts. When buying a griddle or fryer, be sure to specify what gas type you need since not all units can be field convertible.

You have a lot of options for undercounter refrigeration. These units pack a lot of power in a compact size. They come in refrigerator, freezer, and combination refrigerator/freezer models. If you want to maximize your space and use your undercounter refrigerator top as a holding area for other equipment, use a worktop refrigerator.

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You can also opt for a refrigerated sandwich/salad prep table. They come with a refrigerated storage space underneath and a refrigerated pan area. The pans keep veggies and more in easy reach. Most units also come with a removable cutting board. If this unit fits your menu needs, it’s a great all-in-one refrigeration option.

The Turbo Air J-series is a go-to brand when it comes to maximizing your undercounter space. It has a front breathing intake and exhaust system. A front breathing system provides high efficiency in narrow spaces. J-series units also come with a side mount compressor, so the refrigerator can be serviced without being moved.

You’ll also need a sink. A small underbar sink will line up with the rest of your equipment.

Other Equipment:

For more help with outfitting your food truck, call or email us! We can answer any questions and get you the best deal for all of your equipment needs.

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