It’s almost that time of year again! While it may still be snowing in the hills of West Virginia, smoothies, ice cream, and outdoor grilling is in our future! Everyone loves something cool and refreshing on a hot summer day and to spend as much time outside as possible during the early spring and summer months.

As we prepare and dream ahead for spring and summer, we thought we would talk about one of our favorite ice-cold drinks: smoothies.

There are a few “secrets” to creating a delicious tasting smoothie every time and years of experience certainly enables us to have a few tricks up our sleeves. Today, we’d like to pass on our knowledge and give you something to look forward as we grudge through the last stages of winter.

First and foremost, to create a delicious tasting smoothie you need:

1) The Right Base

Every smoothie has a base flavor and filler ingredients. The base flavor is usually a fruit such as a banana, mango, peach, pear, or apple. This base flavor is what you really want your smoothie to taste like and choosing a base flavor is entirely up to one’s taste and preferences in the moment.

Similarly, the “filler ingredients” should be selected based on what your main flavor is. They should complement the taste and textures of your base flavor.

Banana Smoothie

2) Liquid Smooth

While many people like to use cucumbers, juice, milk substitutes, or thinned yogurt as their main complements to their base flavor, using filtered water and ice can work just as well. Filtered water won’t change the taste of your smoothie, but will help break up the base flavor and filler ingredients, to make it more liquid-like and smooth.

Using milk substitutes and thinned yogurt will increase the creaminess of your smoothie while juices can add to the flavor of your smoothie. However, health conscious consumers may prefer you to use water rather than sugar filled juices.

3) Chilled to the Bone

While the ingredients have most likely been refrigerated, a quick way to make smoothies taste cooler and to remain chilled for longer is to use ice. When ice is made from a dirty machine or out of chemical-filled water, it will change the taste. However, when you invest in an Energy Star certified ice machine with the proper filtration systems in place, the hard chemicals and yeast bacteria that changes the flavor of your ice and water is removed. This allows you to keep the taste of smoothies and drinks pure and unaltered.

4) Sweeten It Up!

While the fruit ingredients give it a natural sweetness, sometimes- especially if you’re using sour fruit- a little sweetener is needed. Preferred sweeteners depend on your particular tastes, but honey, dates, overly-ripe bananas, and artificial, or organic liquid sweeteners are commonly used.

5) The Perfect Blend

We sell several bar blenders that are perfect for smoothies. Their high-speed motors, heavy-duty blades, and easy-to-use controls guarantee the desired texture every time. Some of our blenders, such as the Vitamix 62824, has a pulse button so you can manually blend ingredients to the texture you wish. This enhanced control allows you to accomplish exactly what you prefer every time.

Smoothie Bowl

Similarly, our Hamilton Beach line was specifically designed for use in smoothie bars. They offer a Wave-Action System to ensure smooth results. Consistent and easy-to-use, they have a removable filler cap and easy-to-read measurement marks on the outside of their containers. They, depending on the model, have a multiple-speed switch with jump cycle and pulse options. Their timers and automatic shutoff upon a cycle’s completion guarantees reliable results.

6) Recipes

There are so many fruit, vegetable combinations, it was impossible for us to choose just one recipe to feature. For a variety of smoothie recipes, check out the Food Network’s ”50 Satisfying Smoothie Recipes or Hamilton Beach’s recipe page. They have many refreshing recipes, including ones for a Peanut Butter and Maple Smoothie Bowl, a Strawberry Banana Smoothie Bowl, and Tropical Fruit Smoothie Bowl.

For more information about our equipment, please feel free to contact us. We love hearing from you and are always ready to help!

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