Hot dogs and concession stands have been a long-standing tradition in the United States. This tradition can be traced back to 1893.

1893 Concession Stand

(Image via CALUMET 412)

That year in Chicago, the Colombian Exposition took place and hordes of visitors came in. Vendors sold large quantities of sausages to the crowds. Sausage was easy to eat, convenient, and inexpensive. Furthermore that year, sausages became standard in baseball parks. This tradition is attributed to Chris Von de Ahe. Chris Von de Ahe was a German immigrant, St. Louis bar owner, and owner of the St. Louis Browns major league baseball team.

 Today, hot dog machines are found in most concession stands – at fairs, carnivals, sports’ stadiums, amusement parks, etc. While a lot of concessions stands are trying to expand their menus and try new products, hot dogs will always be a classic.

Hot dog machines go by many names, commonly being referred to as:

  • Hot dog rollers
  • Hot dog grills
  • Hot dog warmers
  • Hot dog steamers

These names stem from the 3 main types of hot dog machines you can choose from

  1. Hot dog roller grills
  2. Hot dog broilers
  3. Hot dog steamers

Hot dog roller grills are a great option for high-volume concession sales. These units can accommodate a large number of hot dogs in a small counter space area. Hot dogs are cooked by undergoing a 360° rotation on temperature controlled rollers. Hot dog roller grills are easy to operate and help to display your hot dogs as they cook. This makes them a great option for snack bars, convenience stores, recreational facilities, stadiums, and other venues with concession sales.

Hot Dog Grill

Hot dog broilers are easy to use and designed for perfect broiling. The stainless steel cradle-type hot dog wheel provides basting action that rolls the dogs. This results in more evenly cooked hot dogs with consistent color. Hot dog broilers include easily accessible heated bun storage, an important feature when delivering a consistent product. The units’ exteriors include colorful graphics designed to draw people in and increase impulse sales.

Hot Dog Boiler

Hot dog steamers are another great piece of concession stand equipment. They heat hot dogs by using steam. Hot dog steamers can also be used with other products suitable for steaming.

Hot Dog Steamer

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