A versatile, time-saving addition to any kitchen, a commercial food processor can easily slice, chop, grind, shred, puree, grate, or dice solid foods into small pieces or smooth meals. Most food processors feature a small countertop design, fitting in to even the most compact of spaces. The simple controls on the front of the unit are easy to learn.

Depending on your specific food preparation needs, you can pick from 4 major types of food processors:

  • Batch Bowl Processors
  • Buffalo Choppers
  • Continuous Feed Processors
  • Combination Food Processors

Batch Bowl Processors or Bowl Cutters

Batch Bowl Processor

Batch Bowl Processors or Bowl Cutters are the most common type of food processor. They are ideal for mincing, whipping, and pureeing but also useful for low volume slicing, grating, and shredding. The central pillar of the unit supports an S-blade or another accessory disc that cuts food to the needed shape and size.  

The bowl collects food as it is processed and easily detaches for emptying. Most batch bowl processors come with a plastic bowl. However, some come with a stainless steel bowl for added extra strength and durability. You’ll also want to consider bowl size or capacity with these processors. If the bowl is too small, you’ll have to frequently stop to empty it, and thus save less time.

Buffalo Choppers

Buffalo Chopper

Buffalo Choppers come in an all metal design, making them sturdier and heavier than other processors. They are all-purpose units, great for frequent use. They chop everything from delicate vegetables to tough meats.

Some units come with an accessory hub that lets you add on specially designed slicers for a variety of cuts. All buffalo choppers only have 1 setting. The mix of the ingredients and fineness of the chop is determined by the number of bowl rotations.

Continuous Feed Processors

Continuous Feed Processor

Continuous Feed Processors are ideal for large batches of food, such as salsa. Processed food dispenses into a separate container, while you supply ingredients in.

This processor works best when slicing, dicing, and shredding in bulk. It is also compatible with julienne, crimp, and grate blades. However, continuous feed processors are not as versatile as batch bowl processors, which can puree, emulsify, and knead dough as well.

Combination Food Processors

Combination Food Processor

Combination Food Processors are highly efficient all-in-one units. They come with a batch bowl processor and a continuous feed processor, and you can easily switch between the two.

We currently sell commercial food processors from Robot Coupe and Hobart. Robot Coupe has been nicknamed the “Cadillac of Food Processors.” They are a food industry leader who have spent years developing and refining their products. Hobart also holds its own in the food service industry. They have years of experience building quality and dependable equipment for every aspect of the food service industry. What comes as an accessory for most brands comes standard in a Hobart unit.

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