When you have this much experience in the foodservice industry, why not start your own business?

Kristian Pederson, owner and founder of Crafty Beer Guys and CBG Draft Services, has over 18-years of experience in business, with almost 9 of it being specifically related to foodservice, pubs, or beer.

When he noticed the poor service of the vendors in his area as well as how few vendors there were, he knew what his next business venture would be. He was inspired to found Crafty Beer Guys and CBG Draft Services in early 2013 (LinkedIn).

Crafty Beer Guys

Crafty Beer Guys is located in Huntersville, North Carolina and they pride themselves as the “best Bottle shop and wine bar” around. They offer “well over 400 of the best and rarest craft beers,” setting themselves apart as a bar that guarantees quality and a unique experience. Their casual atmosphere, allowing animals on the patio, and their under-aged friendly menu, such as Root Beer and Cream Soda, makes them a must-go-to bar for more than just the typical drinking crowd. They attract families as well as those seeking a good time as customers.

Crafty Beer Guys

(Image via Crafty Beer Guys)

Their side project, CBG Draft Services, continues to grow. After seeing the poor quality draft equipment that most bars and restaurants use, they “realized the local beer market had a major flaw: a need for a local draft technician and installer.” With his business-savvy approach, Pederson took advantage of this need and now sales “handpicked wines and Brewing supplies” as well as installs “world class draft system(s) with personal care” (Crafty Beer Guys).


In his business, he most commonly uses walk-in coolers/freezers, back bar coolers, and keg boxes. To fill this demand, he often purchases Nor-Lake equipment. He states that he prefers Nor-Lake because of their “pricing and quality.”

Crafty Beer Guys Drinks

(Image via Crafty Beer Guys)

While Nor-Lake sometimes has a reputation for being a bit expensive, their prices- when compared with how much one receives for the price- are more than worth it. Nor-Lake Walk-In Coolers/Freezers, for example, have “the latest in manufacturing technology plus innovative design techniques that will provide the ultimate in user convenience” (Nor-Lake). They are easy to install, maintain, and have several customizable features. For more about what Nor-Lake has to offer compared to other brands, read our blog: “A Comparative Brand Analysis for Walk-In Coolers and Freezers.”

Why Us?

Pederson chooses to purchase his Nor-Lake equipment from DEQOnline.com. When we asked him what he liked or disliked about buying his equipment through us, he said “Good service, good pricing.” We pride ourselves on maintaining honesty, loyalty, and respect for our customers while selling “the highest quality products” (About Us) at guaranteed low prices.

If you would like to learn more about us and our company, please contact us. We would love to hear from your and our sales team is always ready to help. If you would like to find your very own Nor-Lake Walk-In Cooler or Freezer, please view our product catalog here.

Thank you, Kristian Pederson, for being a great customer. To learn more about Craft Beer Guys and CBG Draft Services, check out their Facebook page.


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