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We were recently saddened to hear that someone had endured a less-than-positive experience with one of our non-American made brands. This brought some questions into our minds that we thought deserved answering. Specifically, does the certification “Made in USA” really make a difference? And, if so, how?

To begin, we offer several brands that are manufactured in the United States of America. Some of those brands include American Metalcraft, BarMaid, Beverage-Air, Cadco, Continental Refrigerator, Hatco, Lakeside, Star, Toastmaster, and True. Just to name a few.

These brands are known for producing high-quality, durable, and easy to use products. Among all of these, as well as our other American-made brands, customers can find practically any and all types of foodservice equipment. This means, for those who really desire it, they can design their kitchen with completely American-made products.

Made in the USA

Our American-made brands often manufacture even the smallest and most-obscure components and parts on US soil. This ensures the product is completed here, from start to finish. When parts and components then need to be serviced or replaced, they are generally easy to find and do not require customers to wait for items to arrive in the United States.

This process, however, does have a few drawbacks. Due to previous legislation, the current economic situation, and other factors often beyond the manufacturer’s control, items are easier and cheaper to make in other countries.

This means that manufacturers, our trusted brands mentioned above and those like them, are often forced to raise their prices. They must charge higher rates in order to meet their costs in building the product. This, however, can be seen as more than worth it for customers who wish to support the United States’ economy or for those who trust the durability and quality these brands produce.

Below are a just a few of the pros and cons of purchasing American-made products.


  • Easy access to replacement parts and components
  • Increased durability
  • Higher quality
  • Supports the United States’ economy, which in turn can support your foodservice establishments within America


  • Higher prices
  • Non-American-made brands often have comparable durability and quality, but come with a more affordable price tag

As seen above, the certification of being “Made in USA” doesn’t necessarily guarantee higher quality and increased durability. While it usually does increase the likelihood of strength, endurance, and easy serviceability, many other brands are comparable and will still provide you with the durability necessary to meet your foodservice needs. For a much lower price!

In short, whether you choose to buy American-made brands or other products depends on your personal choice. Many feel strongly that they should support the United States' economy, while others are merely concerned with getting the best product for their food service establishment. Some are set on the idea that the US made products are of a higher standard and caliber, but this is not always the case as many non-American made brands have stepped up their game and created products with just as much quality and endurance.

Some customers question manufacturers ability to provide them with what they need when parts and components are made in several different countries across the globe, but it has been our experience that the brands’ warranty usually covers any problems that could occur.

Therefore, the certification “Made in USA” does make a difference, but how big of a difference depends on the brand and product you are purchasing, your own personal convictions for your establishment, and your current budget. If you would like to shop with us to ensure you are obtaining the quality of equipment you need for the best price, feel free to reach out to us. Our sales team is always ready to help.


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