If you’re looking for a full- or self-service operation that is transportable, then yes. If you need a way to provide customers with drinks from room to room, outdoors, or at off-site venues, then yes. If you need to offer a variety of drinks, away from your kitchen, in glasses or cups with umbrellas, ice, or any other accompanying addition, then yes.

Basically, beverage service carts permit you to accomplish these things and more in an almost effortless way. For example, its ample storage space ensures you can transport drinks, cups, ice, and more. Their 4” to 6” casters allow you to move them across a variety of terrains. You can roll them overtop grass, concrete, rugs, wood, tile floors, etc. without incident. They’re excellent for catering, room service, and encourage impulse purchases.

Okay, but it’s one thing to know you need something, it’s another to know what you need. We sell models from Cadco, Cambro, Lakeside, and Cal-Mil. We’ve tried to provide an accurate description of what each brand has to offer without bias. If you have anything questions, reach out.


Cadco is most famous for their convection ovens, but their beverage service carts are one of our most popular and durable options. They do come in a variety of colors or wood finishes, but it is notable they are primarily constructed of stainless steel. The laminate panels are where the colors at and you can choose from a wide selection to ensure you’re getting something that matches your business and location.

One of our favorite parts about Cadco Manufacturing is that they permit customizations. If you want a beverage service cart with your logo or a specific design, all you must do is let us know so we can let them know. They’ll build it for you.

Depending on the model you select, you will have 3 to 6 airpot wells. While these are atop the cart, they still have ample top space for displaying condiments and extra beverages. For storage, there’s a compartment just below the top. This compartment will come with shelves, drawers, or both. The shelves and drawers give you so much extra storage! Store and transport cups, napkins, creamers, other drinks, insulated beverage dispensers, and other supplies…Whatever you need.

A unique feature we’d like to point out is that Cadco company is a distributor with experience. They know that when your staff is rolling the cart from one location to another, they may not always pay attention. That’s why Cadco installed rubber bumpers on all four corners of the cart.


Cambro Manufacturing is synonymous with food storage containers. In fact, many who work in the foodservice industry will call any food container a “Cambro.” Cambro Manufacturing company is proud of their equipment – coolers, Camshelving, trays, goboxes, ice bins, beverage dispensers, etc. – and their beverage service carts.

What stands out in our minds about their foodservice carts is that they have flat tops and two compartment storage. They don’t have airpot wells or drawers. It’s almost like Cambro trusts you to create an organizational system that works for you.

Their flat tops permit you to store more and to have a larger workspace for creating and serving drinks. You can place multiple camtainers on their tops, neatly labeled to allow customers to fix their own lemonade, juice, iced tea, iced coffee, seltzer, or mocktail (just to give you a few ideas). It also has ample space for condiment bins so you can keep sugar packs, stevia, creamer, and more within easy reach and within sight.

Above the compartments is a solid undershelf. You can store snacks and food items here to generate more impulse buys or use the space for extra storage.

The two compartments are insulated to keep any foods, drinks, or perishables at the ideal temperature to keep them lasting longer and tasting fresher. The doors latch, which is convenient and necessary for those pushing their carts across uneven territory. Nothing can fall out when the doors are securely shut.

They too come in a variety of colors. In fact, we offer them in granite gray, granite green, and slate blue. This gives you options in selecting one that will best match your operation.

Before we stop discussing the benefits of choosing Cambro Manufacturing Co., we’d like to note that their beverage service carts are NSF certified. This helps score points for any foodservice inspections.


Most think of Lakeside Manufacturing’s work in the hospitality and healthcare industries when they think of their equipment. However, they’re not limited to hotels and hospitals. Restaurants, bars, and catering applications stand to gain something from choosing Lakeside.

For instance, their beverage service cart series offers more sizes than any other brand. You can get small models or huge models. They’re 30” to 62” wide. You can also get more configurations from them than any other brand. In fact, it’s kind of hard to decide what to say about them because their models offer so many different features.

If we had to narrow it down to 3 benefits that ALL of Lakeside’s beverage carts offer, they are:

    1) They all have shelves.

Their enclosed models have two to three interior shelves but self-service carts with open shelves are also available.

    2) They all have some combination of stainless steel and laminate used in their construction.

Some have laminate panels and stainless steel exteriors while others have laminate exteriors and stainless interiors, for instance. The type of wood veneer overlay is dependent on which model you select. We recommend you browse your options on our site or that you contact us for a catalog.

Some colors and wood finishes might bring an upcharge, but it’s best that you obtain a cart that’s going to match your business and properly represent your brand.

    3) They are all made within the United States of America.

Don’t underestimate the importance of that last one. American-made equipment typically lasts longer and replacement parts are significantly easier to find.


Cal-Mil Manufacturing is known for its high-quality plastics, chafers, risers, ice housings, and shallow trays. But they should get more credit for their beverage service carts. Designed beautifully, they come in four different series: Aspen, Madera, Mid-Century, and Ashwood.

The Aspen model is made of reclaimed wood paired with a sleek black powder-coated metal frame. It looks so sleek and classy in almost any environment. It has three tiers/shelves for you to store your beverage containers, condiment bins, and other supplies.

Their Madera beverage series has a sliding center shelf. Made of rustic pine, they are great for outdoor venues.

The Mid-Century series has walnut shelves and removable liners. There are two different models. One uses brass while the other has chrome highlights. Either is an attractive choice.

The Ashwood model is rectangular with heavy-duty casters. These casters make it better than the others for rough terrains. It’s made of oak wood, stained ash gray. The materials are all BPA-free.

They look exquisitely expensive but come at affordable prices. This however is true of all Cal-Mil products.

Now that you know you need a beverage service cart and your options, you are equipped to invest in what you need. When you are ready to buy, our sales team is professional and always ready to help. We’d love to get you the service cart you need for a more successful and profitable business.

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