With the threat of the 2019 novel coronavirus, many states have instituted strict safety practices. Because our government – and governments around the world – are taking precautions to mitigate the threat of the virus, companies have also instituted new safety regulations.

In this post, we will discuss one investment that companies can make to protect customers and employees. Namely, customer service shields.

They go by many names - safety checkout shield, customer service panel, point-of-sale barriers, or simply “shield,” but, whatever you call them, they serve the same function and purpose. They are designed to block contaminates, viruses, bacteria, germs, and more from being passed from one person to another.

They are a smart idea for today’s day in age to prevent lawsuits, show customers you care about their health, and increase employee loyalty and satisfaction. They are a visible way for companies, including restaurants and foodservice operations, to say they care and are taking the current nation’s health situation seriously.

Nemco 69792-24

They are ideal for high-traffic areas such as checkout points. They can be used in any store, restaurant, pharmacy, bar, or any other business as it begins to reopen. How long businesses will be required to use them depends on the company’s directives, state regulations, and the area in which one’s business is located. The threat of Coronavirus may linger longer in some areas than others. It is better safe than sorry, so we recommend leaving them up long after government restrictions lessen.

The customer service shields have different features that make them adaptable to a variety of businesses’ needs. For example, those looking to buy can choose between a glass, plexi glass, or plastic construction. Some shields have convenient cutouts to enable customers to still hand cash and other payment methods to the cashier.

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Some shields have feet to enable them to stand upright on counter type surfaces while others can hang from the ceiling. Some have right- or left-handed sneeze guards or a mix of both to ensure greater protection and to further limit interactions and person-to-person contact.

We sell models from Carlisle, English Manufacturing, Hatco, Nemco, and Winholt. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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