Combination countertop units are two or more types of foodservice equipment built as one unit. They typically are a combination of charbroilers, griddles, hot plates, and/or salamanders.

They are most frequently used in food trucks or in concession stands, areas where space is limited.

Possible Combinations are:

  • Charbroiler-griddle
  • Charbroiler-hotplate
  • Charbroiler-salamander
  • Griddle-hotplate
  • Griddle-salamander
  • Hotplate-salamander
  • Charbroiler-griddle-hotplate
  • Charbroiler-griddle-salamander
  • Griddle-hotplate-salamander
  • Charbroiler-griddle-hotplate-salamander

The most common combination is a charbroiler-griddle.


You can purchase them to meet your business’s particular interests and needs. Just specify how large of a cooking area you will need for each section of the combination unit. Some models offer an even distribution where the charbroiler and griddle areas are the exact same size while others will have one section larger than the other. Be sure to read the specifications in each listing or quote before buying.

When selecting which combination unit to invest in, it is imperative you first consider your menu. Ask questions and consider: What volume do I expect to sell? Which items do I plan to cook the most of? How large of a cooking surface will I need for each item? Then proceed according to how you answer.


Some businesses will need a larger griddle section than a hotplate, some will need a salamander while others don’t. It’s important you know what you need so you can choose the equipment that will meet customer demand.

We offer two brands that routinely make and sell combination equipment units: Comstock Castle and Royal Range.

As we compared the two for this post, we noticed two main differences: their certifications and warranties.

Comstock Castle, depending on the model, is either NSF or NSF and ETL certified. Royal Range, on the other hand, is cCSAus and CSA-Sanitation certified. Please read our blog on equipment certifications for information about what these mean: Equipment Certifications Explained.

Royal Range’s items are also made within the United States. There are several benefits to buying American-manufactured equipment to consider. Read Does American-Made Really Matter When It Comes to Commercial Kitchen Equipment?

Royal Range

Royal Range offers a two-year limited parts and labor warranty with a lifetime warranty on their unit’s frame.

Comstock Castle offers a standard one-year parts and labor warranty.

While it may seem like Royal Range is the better option, please note that Comstock Castle is more affordable and offers a wider selection of combination units. With greater flexibility, it could potentially be your best option.

We hope this post has been helpful in giving you the information you need to make the best decision for your business. If you have any questions, please let us know.

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