As mentioned in our Waffle Makers Buying Guide, the biggest difference that the material used to make the irons in a waffle machine will make is in cleaning.

In today’s post, we’ll discuss some pros and cons of the four main types of materials used as well as how to clean them.

1) Cast Aluminum

Cast aluminum plates will need to be seasoned before use. They can be seasoned with nonstick agents that are safe for consumption. After the grids have been cleaned, operators need to wait approximately 30 minutes before spraying them or drying them off the surface. After it has been sprayed and the season applied, turn the waffle maker on and let it heat for 30 more minutes. Once these steps are done, the unit has been seasoned and will be ready for use.


While many would like to believe this only needs to be done once, upon the machine’s arrival, for a cleaner unit, we recommend seasoning cast iron grids periodically. This ensures waffles and batter come off the machine easily.

Sometimes, however, build-up does happen. If your unit already has a build-up of product stuck to the aluminum grids, you can use an aluminum safe cleaner to help remove it. We advise against using harsh scrub brushes or metal utensils to clean it though. Since aluminum is a soft metal, it can be easily scratched or dented.

2) Cast Iron

We recommend following the above steps to season it too. The nice thing about having a cast iron waffle maker is that once it is seasoned, it becomes a non-stick unit. It is much more durable. However, to keep waffle batter coming off easily, season it regularly.

3) Cast Steel

One of the easiest to maintain, cast steel is dishwasher safe and scratch resistant! It is also the most durable of material options.

4) Non-stick

The easiest to clean, it does not require seasoning. Simply wipe crumbs away with a non-abrasive brush after each batch. If you use a carbon buildup cleaner or metal utensils on it, you will damage the waffle grids. Therefore, we recommend using plastic utensils with your non-stick waffle irons. Use plastic to scrap away extra debris.

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