Catering this holiday season? We are! Every winter, we hire local caterers to provide our employees with a delicious meal and exceptional service.

But, if you’re the caterer, what do you need to host a memorable holiday party that will keep people returning to your business? This blog covers a few points that will help you be the best host/hostess you can be, providing delicious food and exceptional service.

1) Know Your Menu

In Simplified Catering, we talked about the importance of knowing what you can prepare, how quickly you can prepare it, and offering specialty items. Hosting for the holidays is no different. Set down with your staff in advance and plan your menu options. Will you offer ham? Turkey? Roast beef? Or a purely vegetarian option? What sides will you offer with them? And how open will you be to customer’s specific requests (even if they’re not on the originally planned menu)?

Full Menu

Having a menu planned and laid out for customers to see helps them visualize what you have to offer. If the menu is professional and visually attractive, it creates a sense of confidence in your ability to provide a quality catering experience.

2) Provide Samples

Providing samples is another way to increase customer confidence. While customers will already begin to make judgments about your catering abilities based on the menu’s appearance, the facilities you work from, and the way you and your staff conduct themselves, the quality of your food will solidify their opinions. Offering samples gives them the opportunity to see, touch, and taste what you can accomplish; thereby, building confidence in exactly what kind of caterer you are.

Catering Samples

Providing samples can make the difference in whether they choose you or someone else. They help customers visual what you can accomplish for their event.

3) Communicate Openly

Once the customer has selected your catering business and have chosen a menu, it is important to know just how much they expect you to do and what they desire to do themselves. This requires open communication. Will you be providing decorations or will they? Do they expect you to staff their event or would they prefer you to simply drop off the food? Based on the type of the event, will it be a buffet or a set down meal? Will you provide an open bar? Be sure to be open with customers about what your service will and doesn't offer.

Open Communication

Caterers will also need to know the location of the event. Knowing the venue, and preferably seeing it in advance, can help you decide exactly how many staff members and what types of equipment you will need to set up for the event. Arrange with the customer to see the venue in advance, if you can and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Express honestly and professionally what you can, and can’t, do.

If you have any questions about how to host the best holiday party, please review our articles “The Best Convection Ovens for Catering,” “Simplified Catering,” and all our catering pieces and brands.


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