Baking in the fall and winter months is one of my favorite things to do! The weather’s cool enough that I can bake without feeling like I’m suffocating in the kitchen and there are so many delicious recipes and flavors to choose from! I love baking cakes, snack and dessert bars, cookies- Definitely cookies!- rolls, casseroles, and so much more.

But, while I only really enjoy baking in the fall and winter months, there are some people who can take their love and passion for baking and turn it into a business. These innovative, passionate people- such as yourselves- turn their dreams into restaurants, bakeries, and pastry and coffee shops. You have my respect and, because of that, I would like to offer you a better way to bake.

Many restaurants and shops have purchased regular cooking or convection ovens and ranges. And while ranges do offer a great deal of versatility, since you can customize the top to practically any cooking equipment piece you need- griddles, charbroilers, hot plates, etc.- they do not offer you the same baking capabilities as a baking oven or convection baking oven.

It is my desire to explain in this brief post what makes bakery ovens so unique, what types of restaurants and establishments are currently using them, why they would be better for your business, what types of foods you can bake in them, and how they are used. We will also briefly discuss which brands and foodservice suppliers and dealers would be the best option for you to purchase from.

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Bakery Ovens

So, how are they different? If you’re like me before I got this job, you might assume that convection ovens are the best way to bake. And, while you’re not wrong, they cannot provide you with the same crisp results as a deck baking oven. They are not engineered to handle the same volume of product or temperature fluctuations. However, since convection cooking does work so effectively, there are baking ovens that come with a convection baking mode. Learn more at Bakery Convection Ovens.

Single Deck Bakery Oven

Baking ovens are available as deck ovens or convection ovens.

Delivering crisp, consistent results every time, deck ovens are ideal for artisan bread. They accomplish this by providing direct contact heating. The product can be placed directly onto the deck or hot stone in the interior of the oven. The heat, generated from infrared or radiant burners, then travels upward, thoroughly penetrating the product. This provides a crusty exterior and a soft, moist interior for all your artisan breads.

Convection baking ovens are basically made the same, except they have innovative fan systems that consistently circulate warm air throughout the interior of the oven. By providing consistent circulation of warm air, every part of the item can be baked evenly. This removes the risk for hotspot and over-cooked or under-cooked areas. They are perfect for pastries, meats, and desserts.

Convection baking ovens also have an extended interior depth, enabling operators to place sheet pans in either direction. This permits them to “stagger” the pans for increased airflow.

Both our deck ovens and convection baking ovens have steam features. This allows operators to use steam and humidity to keep products tasting fresh and moist. This prevents items from becoming hard while allowing them to keep their crisp texture.

To summarize this section, what makes baking ovens different? They provide consistent, direct contact heating to your products. They are designed for high volume operations and, because of their generally larger build, they adjust to temperature changes more quickly and are not as easily impacted by them. To learn more, read about our ovens at Bakery Ovens.

Who Uses Them?

Baking ovens are most commonly used by high-volume bakeries and restaurants that make their own breads and pastries. They can be more expensive and require more floor space than traditional convection ovens, but many restaurants and bakeries have considered them worth the initial costs. The quality results and sheer volume of production possible make them more than 

Bakery Oven with Stand

worth it for operations that need a consistent, constant supply of baked goods throughout the day.

Why Should You Use One?

If you’re a bakery or restaurant that runs a high-volume operation, these baking ovens can take a lot of pressure off of you and your kitchen. They will consistently bake-all day, if needed- without a break, allowing you to have peace of mind about the quality of your products and giving customers the great-tasting products they desire within a timely manner.

If you have questions about which baking oven would be best for your business- deck or convection- or if you’re still not sure whether a regular convection oven or a baking convection oven would better suit your needs, feel free to contact us. Our sales team is more than willing to work with you and your business to find exactly the right products and brands for your business.

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase and will not push you to buy something that will not serve the best interests of your business. We have, in fact, advised people not to purchase something when we knew it was not what they needed. One of our primary goals is to satisfy you as our customer. If you have any questions or would just like to discuss the purchasing process, please contact us at 888.778.4815 or

When Should You Use a Baking Oven?

Baking ovens are ideal for breads, pastries, desserts, and other such products. The convection baking ovens work effectively for meats as well. So, if you purchase a baking oven or already have one, take advantage of its unique design to create delicious artisan breads, puffy pastries, fresh desserts, and moist, savory meats!

How Do You Use a Baking Oven?

The same way you do any oven, sort of. The deck and convection baking ovens have convenient control knobs located on their left side (Our Baker’s Pride model has its controls located on its right side). This makes them easy to reach and adjust. They regulate temperatures, fan speed, initial ignition, and safety features.

Bake Oven

While the controls are different for each brand and model, most Blodgett convection baking ovens include a timer, pulse-fan switch, HIGH-LOW speed fan switch, and a power on and inspection light switch. They are all turn-knobs so they are easy to adjust.

Our most popular brand is Blodgett; however, Bakers Pride, Lang, and Comstock Castle are acceptable options. Comstock Castle, for example, offers countertop bake ovens. They are perfect for pizzas, sheet pan baking, and breads. Learn more about our countertop models at Bake Ovens.

Where Should You Buy From?

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