If you've been paying attention to the restaurant industry and recent headlines, you know ghost kitchens are the latest controversy. Are they here to stay? Or are they a temporary fad that will only last long enough to help restaurants through their current COVID-19 crisis?

Whether restaurants are going through Door Dash, Grub Hub, Postmates, Uber Eats, or offering delivery themselves, delivery is a huge business right now. Ghost, virtual, cloud, and shared kitchens take full advantage of this.

They are delivery-only based business models, allowing restaurants to operate at full capacity, at all times. No need to worry about shutting down indoor dining for COVID-19 restrictions, there is no indoor dining! Orders are strictly made online via a delivery service or their own unique website. They prepare food and deliver it without customers ever glimpsing the inside of the kitchen or even the building!

Ghost Kitchen

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Offering full-time delivery and no indoor dining allows commercial kitchens to keep a smaller staff, use less kitchen space, and operate with increased flexibility.

Because menus are entirely virtual, these kitchens are not limited by printed menu materials. They can change what they offer as often as they like based on supply and demand, customer requests, or their desire to try a new business concept.

Ghost kitchens began their rise in 2019, but greatly increased in popularity through 2020. They are most successful in cities but have shown growth in every type of environment. They are primarily known for sharing kitchens with chain restaurants or other virtual kitchens.

What You Need to Run a Successful Ghost Kitchen

If you're thinking about starting your own virtual kitchen, we have a few recommended considerations. Specifically:

  • Location
  • Where will your ghost kitchen be located? Will you be in an area that makes delivery to many customers easy? Such as in a large town or city? How large of an area will you be offering delivery to? And who will you be sharing your kitchen with? A chain restaurant, other virtual kitchens? Or will you be renting your own small space?

  • Delivery
  • Will you be hiring a delivery service or buying / renting your own vehicles and hiring your own staff? What kind of insurance coverage will you have for the drivers and vehicles?

  • Menu
  • What kind of food items will you be offering? Do they transport well? How will you ensure it stays warm or cool so that it will be served at safe and proper temperatures?

  • Website
  • While delivery service apps will showcase your menu, it helps to have a website and social media presence of your own. It promotes your business by making it easier to search online.

  • Equipment
  • Will you be buying or renting delivery and cooking equipment? If you're not a seasonal business, we recommend buying. What types of equipment do you need to make the menu items you have chosen? And what do you need to make sure it is safely delivered?

We Have Suggestions

For delivering food items, Cambro, Metro and Vollrath are our favorites. For food preparation and cooking, we're recommending APW Wyott.

Why APW Wyott?

They offer the equipment you need to make a variety of menu items quickly and efficiently. They offer:

You can cook and prepare any menu item with these pieces. Burgers, pizza, sauteed vegetables, sauces, pasta, breakfast foods, sides, and so much more! Possibilities are endless.

Their equipment offers superior quality and durability for an affordable price. They are a favorite among our restaurant customers and are often the choice of concession and food truck businesses because of their small countertop footprint and affordability.

You can shop our full selection at APW Wyott or call us for a custom quote.

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