Stockpot ranges are designed specifically for use with stockpots and woks. They are built for heavy-duty use to prevent scratches and to withstand the weight of large pots. They have been designed to stand lower than traditional ranges so that large stock pots can be easily placed on and removed from their tops.


As mentioned above, stock pot ranges have heavy-duty constructions. Their burners are typically made of cast iron, a powerful enough material to withstand the frequent abuse of scraping stock pots and woks. They have stainless steel finishes or fully stainless steel exteriors. The difference is that those with stainless steel finishes are made of other materials as well with stainless steel coating its outer exterior. Stainless steel constructions are completely made of 14-, 16-, or 18-gauge stainless.

They occasionally have dual coil elements instead of cast iron grates. Occasionally the cast iron burners are reinforced for increased durability. Be sure to read the models’ specifications to be certain the stockpot range meets the needs of your operation.

Jade Ranges have reversible stockpots to accommodate woks or candy bowls. Similarly, Royal has tempura wok tops to hold woks and other types of pots.

Each stockpot has 1 to 6 burners. Those with more than one burner have three basic designs. Burners can be placed side-by-side or front-to-back. They can have a step-up design where the back burners are built up higher than those in the front. See examples below.

Side by SideFront to BackStep Up

Stockpots are typically held above ground by adjustable legs. If the legs are not adjustable, the feet often are. Stockpot ranges with casters are available for easy mobility.

Not all of them, but many are built with storage and cabinet bases. This provides extra storage for employees.


All stock pot ranges are gas-powered. The gas is controlled by manual or infinite controls. They have temperature options, but precise temperatures are more difficult with manual or infinite controls. Gas also heats quickly so be sure staff are properly trained.


Common certifications for stock pot ranges are a combination of NSF, CSA-Star, CSA-Flame, or CSA-Sanitation. You may also see ETL-Sanitation and ceTLus or cULus and UL-Sanitation. Royal and Comstock Castle ranges are often made in the U.S.A. so if you need items that ship quickly with readily available parts, consider purchasing them.


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