You may not like football. Not everyone does. But you know what everyone does like?


Everyone like food. So, as we gear up for the biggest game day of the year, here are 7 marketing tips to make your restaurant, grill, or bar stand out above the rest:

1) Play

While we have a bit of competitiveness in us, sports, Super Bowl Sunday, Fantasy Football, and all the fandom madness that it entails come down to a single concept. And that’s play. It’s a recreational activity the whole United States stands behind. We proudly wear our team's colors and mock the other side, just like when we were kids. Don’t worry. We’ll most likely shake hands, gloat, or try to save face once our team has won or lost. But it’s all for fun.

In the spirit of “play,” we recommend your sports grill, restaurant, and bar host games. Fun games to include in your lineup are cornhole, horseshoes, ping pong, foosball, air hockey, basketball, or darts. In fact, fun fact, when searching for this blog, we discovered that “dart bars” are a common search term. Meaning, people assume if you’re a sports bar and grill, you’re going to have darts.

Stereotypes are there for a reason. And they’re not all bad. Darts is a fun, expected option. But if you want to get outside of the norm and you have the space, take the games outdoors. Offering tailgating events leading up to gameday can be a fun way to rally fans.

2) Compete

One way to match or overcome your competitors – other bars and restaurants – is to offer competition to customers. You can utilize fantasy football (something they’re probably already into) or you can create your own games. For instance, you could have guests compete to guess the teams’ scores. Whoever is closest could win a free meal. You could have them wear their most outrageous fan, game day attire and give them a specific discount if they are selected by other customers as the winning ensemble.

3) Host

You can host more than games and competitions. Offer rooms for rent. Offer catering. Offer parties. Everyone likes a good party. If you do host a party on the night of the game, make it fun. If your selected team gets a touchdown, free drinks are on the house! Use your imagination and take a look at your menu to see what you can offer to keep the night festive, fans alert, and customers eating and drinking as long as they’re there.

4) Watch the Game

Yep, to offer such discounts, you must be watching the game. Those big-screen TVs in sports bars are every TV addict’s dream. Cable TV or streaming service subscriptions are a must if you want to draw a crowd on Superbowl Night. You’ll need reliable service so no moment of the game gets missed. This way, you can know whether that touchdown was actually made or if someone just wants a free drink.

5) Deliver

By offering these things, you’re delivering fun, you’re providing them a safe fun place to watch the game, but there’s a whole other customer base who will stay in to watch the game. Deliver to them too.

Literally. Offer delivery.

If you’re not already utilizing delivery services like GrubHub, DoorDash, or Uber Eats, now’s the time. If you don’t have your own team of food deliverers, now is the time.

To make sure they request delivery from you instead of another sports café, you can offer specials like a “Gameday bundle” or “Gameday basket.” But, most importantly, provide a discount for those who order early! Reward punctuality. This idea came from Upserve. They write “Offer discounts for those who preorder from you to capture them early and lock in their business.”

If you want more ways to promote your restaurant for the Superbowl, check out their article. It’s full of great ideas that we haven’t included here.

6) Decorate

This just makes it more festive. Visuals matter. If you have the colors of the teams playing, particularly the ones your customer base is rooting for, it will draw them in. And keep them. It’s almost like saying you’re as invested in their team as they are.

This goes for attire too. Have your staff and waiters dress up or wear the team’s colors.

It reminds us of Joanna from Office Space. But, you know, her boss had a point. Visuals are the most important part of marketing. And your staff can be walking advertisements. By dressing for the game, they’re promoting your Superbowl Sunday food deals.

7) Give

Giveaways are a great way to keep the energy high and customers happy. You can do raffle tickets at the start of the game and announce winners throughout intervals and breaks. You could give a percentage of earnings to local charities, youth sports teams, or a local family in need. People like being generous. It makes us all feel good about ourselves by reminding us of the best parts of humanity. Bring everyone together for a cause. It will put purpose behind all the raffle tickets, meals sold and drinks purchased.

Putting money into the local community always promotes a sense of loyalty in your customer base.

That’s how we think you should market your football Sunday food deals. But if you want more game day restaurant promotions, we’ve gathered a few resources for you:

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