We all have tasks we avoid.

But just because we all do it, doesn’t mean we should, right?

Today, we’d like to help make one of those tasks that we all avoid just a little bit easier. We would like to give you five tips on how to make cleaning your commercial oven a bit easier and less time-consuming.

1) Make sure it’s cool

Always make sure the oven is off and thoroughly cooled before beginning the cleaning process. This will spare you and your employees from potential burns.

2) Wipe the interior out daily

This simple step will make it easier and quicker to perform deep cleans later on. To do this, all you need to do is remove the racks, wipe the sides, back wall and doors off with warm water or an industrial cleaner, and re-insert the racks! This doesn’t require too much time and is more than worth it.

Cleaning Oven Interior

If warm water doesn’t quite cut it for your commercial oven, you can clean its interior out with warm soapy water as long as the chemicals you use are not alkaline-based or abrasive. Also, we recommend wiping off the sides, back wall, and doors with a simple cloth. Steel wool or scouring pads can potentially damage the interior because of their harsh and abrasive texture.

3) Create a cleaning schedule

Commercial kitchens get busy. Whether you’re a school, restaurant, or hotel, we know that you and your employees juggle a variety of tasks all day long. Cleaning out the interior of an oven may not be on your top priority list. While it may save you time later, developing the habit initially can be hard to remember. That’s why we recommend creating a cleaning schedule.

The cleaning schedule can be for each day of the week you are open, but it should also include scheduled times for monthly deep cleans. Completing deeper cleans once a month will drastically improve the performance of your oven and can increase its overall lifespan.

4) Remove and empty crumb and grease trays

While not all ovens have them, some have grease or crumb trays. These should be emptied and wiped out daily to maximize the performance of the oven. This process usually does not require much time, but we recommend that you check the owners’ manual of your specific model to make sure you and your employees are completing the task correctly and thoroughly.

Crumbs should be emptied into a heat-proof trash can to prevent potential fires and to ensure hot crumbs do not come into contact with anything that they could potentially melt.

Once the tray has been removed and emptied, wash it out by hand in one your kitchen’s hand sinks. Do not use anything harsh or abrasive on it as this could damage the surface.

5) Take care of spills when they happen

If you happen to spill something in or on your oven, it’s a good practice to immediately and safely wipe it clean. If you can clean up the spill without getting burnt, it’s best to wipe it off as soon as it happens so it doesn’t get cooked onto the surface of your oven. If you wait, the food will become caramelized and take longer to pry off without damaging your oven.


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