Winter is the perfect time to eat cozy comfort food.

Here are five must-try winter recipes perfect for family get-togethers, catering events, holiday gatherings, or for cold winter days when you’re staying in and want something special to eat.

1) Melting Snowman Cookies by ACP Amana

Melting Snowman Cookies

They’re adorable! This recipe calls for Pillsbury sugar cookies, marshmallows, white cookie icing, black, green, and orange decorating icing, and red and green mini M&Ms. You’ll start by placing Pillsbury’s sugar cookie dough in ¼” thick pieces, evenly cut, onto a sheet pan. After baking the cookies, you’ll remove them from the oven before they are completely done. Let the heat from the pan finish cooking them so that they do not burn.

After the cookies have finished cooling, spread the white cookie icing with the back of a spoon on each of the cookies. Don’t worry if it drips off the cookie. In fact, you want it to do just that. This will give it a “melted snow” appearance, creating a “puddle” around the cookie.

After you have cut the marshmallows in half crosswise, place it with the cut side face down. Then draw a snowman face with the black decorating icing. Leave enough space between the eyes and mouth for a cute little orange “carrot” nose which you can make with the orange decorating icing.

After getting its face made up, you can place the marshmallow gently atop the cookie. Place it toward the side of the cookie instead of directly in the middle. This will help create the “melting” appearance.

Once you have placed the marshmallow to the side, take your green decorating icing and make a scarf for the snowman. He needs to stay cozy too! You can do this by making a green outline around the head of the snowman and then creating a crisscross pattern just at the center of the marshmallow’s base. This will make it look “tied.” Go ahead and extend the lines down towards the sides, for a long, flowing scarf.

Use the black icing to draw arms and fingers for your snowman. This makes him appear more life-like. He may just be too cute to eat! (Well, almost too cute to eat).

After adding his arms, you are practically finished. You can place the mini M&Ms in a row, below the tied scarf, for buttons.

This cute masterpiece is a favorite for any age! And is perfect for practically any winter gathering.

For measurements and nutritional facts, check out the full recipe at ACP Amana’s website.

2) Perfectly Portioned Peppermint Chocolate Mouse Shooters by Cambro

Perfectly Portioned Peppermint Chocolate Mouse Shooters

Another tasty dessert, this one is reminiscent of Christmas. It has a strong peppermint flavor and a refreshing taste. Because of the peppermint, it will seem like a lighter dessert than many that are served during the holiday season.

The recipe calls for marshmallow fluff, crushed peppermint candies, chocolate mousse, chocolate chips, heavy cream, and powdered sugar.

When you’re making this one, you’ll start by making your very own chocolate mousse. Take chocolate chips and heavy cream and melt them together in the microwave. While it goes without saying, make sure they are being melted in a microwave-safe bowl. Don’t want any explosions going on in your kitchen!

For best results, melt the chocolate chips and heavy cream in 30-second intervals on a low setting. After each 30 second interval, remove it from the microwave to thoroughly stir the mixture together. Once the chocolate chips are fully melted, whisk the concoction until smooth.

While it cools, you can begin to mix the heavy whipping cream with powdered sugar. Whip it together until you start to see medium peaks forming. At this point, you can begin to add the chocolate mixture, slowly at first. Continue mixing the whipping cream on low while you add the chocolate mixture to ensure both are thoroughly combined as one.

After scraping any mixture stuck on the sides of the mixing bowl back into the mixture, go ahead and place the mixer on high speed to form thick, heavy peaks.

Refrigerate the mixture for one hour before beginning to make your shooters. While it refrigerates, you can prepare your other ingredients by placing marshmallow fluff inside a piping bag and gathering your glass shooters.

Once the chocolate mouse has finished cooling, line your glass shooters in a row and place a layer of chocolate mouse inside, at the very bottom of your glass. Afterward, add a layer of marshmallow fluff, sprinkling chopped peppermint candies on top. Continue layering your ingredients in this pattern until the glass is full, adding chopped peppermint candies on top as a garnish. It makes it look extra special.

After you have finished, these delicious desserts can either be served immediately or placed in the refrigerator to keep cold until time to serve.

For more on this recipe, check out Cambro's website at Perfectly Portioned Peppermint Chocolate Mouse Shooters.

3) Holiday-Themed Waffles by Gold Medal

Holiday-Themed Waffles

These are so fun! And they’re perfect for breakfast on Christmas morning.

They’re made of Old-Fashioned Waffle Mix, water, baking cocoa, pretzels, candy eyes, and red-colored popcorn. To start, you can pour the waffle mix into a bowl, adding water. Thoroughly mix so that the mixture is smooth, adding more water as needed. Add the baking cocoa and mix it together. Let the batter rest for approximately 10 minutes before placing it on a seasoned waffle iron. The waffles should be cooked for approximately 3-1/2 minutes at 400 degrees for the best results. After they are finished cooking, remove them from the waffle iron, adding broken pretzels for antlers, candy for eyes, and red popcorn for a bright red nose.

For exact measurements and or details on how to make them in multiple colors for trees and other such holiday designs, read Gold Medal’s recipe at Holiday-Themed Waffles.

4) Wonderland Milkshake by Hamilton Beach

Wonderland Milkshake

This looks so delicious! It calls for Monin white chocolate sauce, blue curacao syrup, vanilla ice cream, milk, and ice! Just five simple ingredients. It’s also as simple as adding them to your favorite Hamilton Beach blender, pressing the start button, and letting these five ingredients be thoroughly blended together.

Once the ingredients have been thoroughly liquidized and gained the appropriate thick, creamy consistency, pour the milkshake into glasses. You can garnish them with whip topping and snowflake cookies for an extra special look.

For more details, check out Hamilton Beach's recipe at Wonderland Milkshake.

5) Eggnog Milkshake by Hamilton Beach

Eggnog Milkshake

Another favorite recipe from Hamilton Beach, this recipe calls for DaVinci Gourmet Classic Egg Nog Syrup, vanilla ice cream, and milk. As before, you can simply add these ingredients to your favorite High-Performance Hamilton Beach blender and press a button.

The blender will do all the work! Once the ingredients have been blended to the perfect creamy consistency, stop the blender and pour this delicious drink into glasses.

To make them even more eye-catching, add whipped topping, cinnamon straws, and ground cinnamon to the top. This gives it extra flavor and makes it look fancier for your guests.

This milkshake is then ready to serve! For full details about how much of what to use, please see Hamilton Beach’s recipe.

These are five treats we found so delicious we couldn’t help but share them with you! If you have any delicious recipes you would like to share, please feel free to add them to the comments below..